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Authors: Lydia Jorden

My professor excitedly announced his expensive plans to go Hawaii, drink Mai Tais on the beach with little umbrellas in them, soak up the sun and get a tan any professional fake-baker would be proud of.

But he was quick to follow up with disappointing news that everyone in the class could sympathize with: his timeshare got cut short, so his luxurious trip filled with white, sandy beaches and bright blue water wouldn’t be as long as he had hoped. Devastating.

This leads me to wonder: Are professors as interested in their students’ lives as they are in telling us about theirs? I hypothesize no. However, it would be easily tested if I could follow up with actual plans for spring break.

Spring break for many college students provides one of two things. Professors either hoard you with tests the week before (as is the case for me), or they decide to leave the test the week after spring break in their effort to make your spring break as miserable as possible (the case for me last year).

Whatever category you fall into, it’s important to recognize that we could all use a little break from school. No, this doesn’t just mean watching “Jerseylicious” on Sunday nights. It means going out, having fun, spending little money and watching every season of “Jerseylicious” throughout the entire break.

For those of us who can’t afford sipping Mai Tais on the beach, a guide to your spring break stay-cation in Fort Collins may be just what you need to get new ideas about activities and events around town.

Monday: There is really no excuse to miss out on the beauty of Colorado when the foothills are in your backyard. Go for a hike and get that fresh air you desperately need. Take your pick of any refreshing trails Horsetooth Reservoir and Lory State Park have to offer. A few of my favorites include Horsetooth Rock, Arthur’s Rock and Horsetooth Falls. Horsetooth Falls will lead you on a shorter hike through hills, open meadows and ridges to bring you to a striking view of the falls that can either be viewed from above or below. The best time of the year to get on this path is later in the spring when the waterfall fills up the pool beneath. However, there’s really no excuse to miss this hike, especially as the weather warms up.

Tuesday: Make your spring break Tuesday a fat one. For lunch grab your friends and look for a line. This is where you want to be. Every Tuesday, Big City Burritos’ line runs down the sidewalk of College Ave. This place is packed with hungry guests, all waiting in line to get a regular potato burrito and drink for just $4. That’ll kick your Ramen noodles aside pretty quickly and leave you feeling satisfied with your meal and your wallet.

Wednesday: Wednesday nights are your nights to have fun. From 8 to 10 p.m., for only $4.50, you can skate around at Rollerland to your favorite ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s hits. Since Wednesdays are 18 and up night, you are protected from seducing jailbait. This is also a prime location for one of those awkward dates your parents set you up on because first, it’s only open for 2 hours; second, if things go well the night is just beginning; and third, —let’s be real — it’s roller-skating. Win, win…win.

Thursday: At 6 p.m. head to Rolland Moore Park for outdoor intermediate tennis lessons. Learning techniques such as backhand, forehand and serves may even come in handy the next time your friend pisses you off. As for the evening, head over to Fuzzy’s Tacos. Soak up thirsty Thursday with drinks as low as $2. If drinking your Thursday away isn’t your thing, —and even if it is — Fuzzy’s features karaoke this night. This place is easy to find, but if you’re having trouble, just listen for me “singing” “My Heart Will Go On.” You know it’s going to be a good night when “Titanic” gets involved.

Friday: After you’ve fully rested from your hike on Monday , eating your weight in burritos and Fuzzy’s, it’s time to get back out there and do something active. City Park provides a perfect open space to relax and bask in enjoyable weather. Whether you spend the day reading under a tree, fishing, taking a walk around the lake or going on a bike ride, City Park has the area for you to do it.

Your spring break week may not be a trip to Hawaii or anything overtly special, but finding a few fun things to do with a limited budget isn’t too difficult. It must be savored, and finding a few things to occupy your time will make it much more worthwhile. Now we just have to wait and see what you professor thinks about it.

Lydia Jorden is a junior business major. Her column runs Thursdays in the Collegian. She can be reached at

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