Mar 042012
Authors: The Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

Most students are probably in the mindset that they have no control over how much they pay for college. But, here at CSU, students have the ability to share their feelings about potential fee increases and actually make a difference.

The Student Fee Review board is a 16-person student group chaired by student government vice presidents that oversees $40 million in student fee allocation. In the process of allocating fees, the board relies heavily on student input –– your input.

You don’t have to just sit back and watch your student fees skyrocket. You don’t have to do nothing if one of your favorite organizations is in need of funding. You can go to to the members of this board –– your fellow students –– and be part of the discussion.

Try talking to Associated Students of CSU Vice President Rachel Roberson or SFRB Vice Chair Wendy Bowling. Both are kind, non-intimidating, young ladies who would love to hear your opinions. Also, they are much easier to contact than, say, Tony Frank.

Few universities give students this power, and since we have the ability to sway the decision on student fees, it’s essential that we exercise that power.

SFRB meets every Monday at 4 p.m. in the Lory Student Center, rooms 203-205, where you can get a chance to say whatever you want. So please, take an hour, go to the meeting, make your opinion heard and save yourself money in these tough financial times.

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