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Authors: Courtney Riley

Old Town may be hosting its monthly First Friday Gallery Walk tonight, but at the same time, Rendition Gallery is hitting the city with “a quality of art never before seen in Fort Collins.”

“We really wanted to create an art destination,” said Rolfe Bautista, a co-owner and resident artist of Rendition in an email to the Collegian. “My partners (Daniel Ibanez and Ivan Andrade)… hope that the gallery will become a center where discussion is created and a place where people go to for inspiration.”

The gallery is located on Jefferson Street and will celebrate its debut tonight as a part of Old Town’s First Friday Gallery Walk, an event held the first Friday of every month whernart galleries in Old Town are open from 6 to 9 p.m. for self-guided tours.

Tonight, Rendition is putting on a free show of artwork from this month’s visiting artists. Attendees can meet the artists and listen to live music from indie-folk act Jonathan Alonzo. The event features work from Brett Brady, Allison Sheldon, Justin Camilli, Benjamin Buttice, Tiffanie Collins, Anna Maddock and Josh House, as well as the gallery’s resident artists, including a current CSU student and four CSU art alumni.

Camilli, a senior art major with a concentration in printmaking, is showing two of his paintings in the gallery this month.

“I would say they’re kind of paintings about religion and the power it has as a weapon, not so much as a belief,” he said. “They’re also kind of about domination and people having control over other people.”

The gallery will feature different art each month. For March, they are showcasing a five-person show of conceptual art of local artists in their main gallery, and traditional oil painting, conceptual drawing and printmaking in their auxiliary gallery.

“Our five-person show really speaks to the CSU audience, but the quality of the work will be appreciated by everyone,” Bautista said. “There is a lot of diversity in the artwork that we will have, that ranges from conceptual art to printmaking to fine oil painting.”

Bautista said that, with a three-level floor plan, Rendition is the largest gallery in Old Town, and it’s also the only one in Old Town Square that has resident artist spaces.

“The way that the gallery is laid out allows for lots of openness that frees the viewer to wander,” he said. “This freedom gives the viewer the chance to explore and discover art rather than being led down a strict path.”

“Rendition is also the only gallery that will be hosting classes as well as fundraisers to help better the community,” he added. “My partners and I wanted to create a space that would
help to serve the community through education of the arts.”

“It’s unique because it’s a lot of young artists who are doing some art that’s new and putting some new ideas out there,” Camilli said. “So it’s really exciting work, and this gallery is really open to that and welcome to that. It’s more open to creating a community, not just a gallery.”

Bautista’s studio is in the lower level of the gallery, and lately he said he has been creating drawings focused on the process of production rather than the final product.

“Art is about communication, and it is so interesting to see what people have to say in all the different ways that they choose to say it,” Bautista said. “Being surrounded by so much amazing art and artists at Rendition really motivates me to work harder. The creative energy is infectious in an artist residency, and that is one of my favorite things about Rendition.”

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What: Opening of the Rendition Gallery
Where: 251 Jefferson Street
When: 6 p.m. Friday
Cost: Free
See participating galleries in Old Town’s First Friday Gallery Walk at

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