Feb 292012
Authors: Austin Briggs

Senior applied communication technology major Wesley Hawes braved the cold weather Tuesday morning to partake in one of CSU’s newest campus additions – a do-it-yourself bike repair station in front of Green Hall on Meridian Avenue.

The $1,300 dark green station, manufactured by Dero Bike Rack Co., comes fully equipped with an air pump, screw drivers, various wrenches and a tire lever – allowing cyclists to hang their bike on a specially designed rack to make quick repairs while they’re on the go.

And for Hawes, one of the station’s best attribute is that it’s funded by campus bike registrations and bicycle tickets.

“With everyone that rides bikes on campus and in town, it’s imperative to have something like this,” Hawes said of the fix station.

The Colorado State University Police installed the station last week to promote bicycling on campus.

And, for those who need help with minor bicycle repairs, local bike mechanic and Brave New Wheel employee Kris Swanson will be available for assistance at the station from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Tuesdays and Wednesdays through May.

Brave New Wheel has also donated tire tubes and cables for people who want help installing them while Swanson is working at the station.

“My goal is just to get people to enjoy biking on campus and in town,” Swanson said as he repaired a rear wheel on a 10-speed that was hoisted on the repair rack. “Even if I only work on one bike a day, it’s worth it knowing I was able to help someone get around and use the town the way it was designed.”

According to Joy Childress, the Traffic and Bicycle Education and Enforcement Program coordinator, she hopes the station will be the first of many more on campus.

“I would love to see these all over campus in main areas such as a couple in the plaza, one in Academic Village, one in the Corbett Hall courtyard, one around the University Center of the Arts,” Childress said. “There is already talk of one going in at the (CSU Recreation) Center.”

Childress said she came up with the idea after learning about a similar project that Stanford University, which has a platinum award-winning bike program, was offering its students.

And, while sophomore electrical engineering major David Mauger said he thinks the station is in a “weird spot,” Childress said the location was chosen due to its high visibility for cyclists who walk by it when they register their bike or pay tickets.

Collegian writer Austin Briggs can be reached at news@collegian.com.

What: New bike fix station
Where: In front of Green Hall on Meridian Avenue (south side of the CSU Police Department at the entrance where students pay yearly bike registration fees).
Cost: Free and open to everyone.

Brave New Wheels employee Kris Swanson, will be at the station Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. to help with repairs. Here are a few of Swanson’s tips to help riders keep their bikes up and running.
-Use your five senses when riding. If something looks, feels, or sounds off it probably is. -Grinding noises or a squeaky chain are a few things to look out for. Don’t ride until the problem is fixed.
-Keep moving parts moving – make sure chain link is oiled and all parts are functioning.
-Check reflectors to make sure they’re working. To ride at night you need a rear deflector and light on the front of the bike.
-Check tire pressure every time you ride. Make sure tires are inflated properly.
-Check the brake pull. If you have to pull the brake handle too far, something is probably wrong.
-Keep the bike indoors if it won’t be used for an extended period of time. According to Swanson, a bike is just like a car – if you let it sit for a year or two it won’t work properly when you go to use it.
-Make sure to have a seasonal bike tune-up.

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