Recipes: Dorm-Made Pasta

Feb 272012
Authors: Mikaela Antonelli

Living in the dorms is a once in a lifetime experience. With this new environment comes a new diet and a new way of living. Eating at the dining hall, conveniently located near your residence, is fantastic for first year students to get their fill of ready-to-eat food.

However, most students (including me) grow tired of eating the same dishes over and over again; The cafeteria scene loses its appeal and even using the kitchen in your hall can be crowded and frustrating.

Instead of braving the long lines and crowded tables, I decided to experiment with cooking in my dorm room. This isn’t your typical Top Ramen, sandwiches, or Easy Mac either. My first endeavor: Pasta

What you need:

One box of Spaghetti (any type)
Large, microwave-safe bowl
1 1/2 cups Water
One tablespoon Butter
Sauce (if desired)

1. Take about a half handful of spaghetti and break the dry noodles into fourths and place into the bowl.

2. Next, pour water into the bowl until the spaghetti is fully submerged. Finally you just set it in the microwave for about 7 minutes. After your spaghetti is fully cooked drain the water. Finally add the butter and spaghetti sauce. (In my meal I did not have any sauce so I just used butter but sauce is fairly cheap so you can add this as well.)

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