Feb 262012
Authors: The Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

While census data may tell you Colorado is one of the most educated states in the country, our track record shows that when it comes to funding higher education, we’re just plain stupid.

And if we want to stay educated, it’s time our voters wise up and start thinking about keeping the higher education past generations have cherished accessible to future ones.

In last year’s election, Colorado voters shot down Proposition 103 –– a bill that would have generated $3 billion for K-12 and higher education via a small tax increase.

We’re ranked 48th in the nation in terms of higher education funding, and most students in state schools were faced with double-digit tuition increases last year, drastically increasing the financial burden of an education on students and families.

“Long term, our country will pay the price of putting the cost on students,” said CSU education professor Bill Timpson in a higher ed funding panel on Saturday.

CSU President Tony Frank, and many state legislators, agree that a tax increase is the only way to repair Colorado’s broken system of higher education funding.

And it’s about time that Colorado’s voters get on-board with the experts, and start actually making some sacrifices to support Colorado’s higher education system.

After all, we may be one of the smartest states in the country right now, but if we keep putting education on the back-burner, we definitely won’t stay smart for too much longer.

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