Feb 192012
Authors: The Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

On the heels of a 20 percent tuition hike, you’d think that a student fee increase would be the last thing on anyone’s mind.

But that’s obviously not the case for the Student Fee Review Board, which thinks a $1.54 fee increase for the Off-Campus Life and party registration program is worth considering.

We disagree.

A small fee increase might be necessary in light of the mandatory 3 percent salary increase for faculty, but the other parts of the proposal seem a bit worrisome.

Take the 90 cents going toward a new program coordinator.

This position is necessary, according to the proposal, to alleviate problems in community outreach and planning within the Off-Campus Life Office.

Given that every academic department on campus has had to tighten its belt, it’s hard to believe that something as comparatively frivolous as OCL can’t make do with the resources it has.

The rest of the fee will go toward year-round party registration. It seems like a good idea, but over the course of its four-year history, it’s only been used about 1,000 times. Given the number of parties that have happened over that time-frame, it’s obviously not the most popular program.

To add insult to injury, Associated Students of CSU President Eric Berlinberg, who during his campaign said he opposed a student fee increase, expressed his support for the principles the fee represents. Translated into politician-speak, this is basically the same thing as supporting the fee itself.

Hopefully, as SFRB really starts exploring this fee, they’ll realize that it’s just not something the already cash-strapped students of CSU need.

Sure, it might only be $1.54, but that amounts to at least 10 packages of Ramen. Which is far more useful than what the fee would pay for.

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