Feb 162012
Authors: Colleen McSweeney and Courtney Riley

Today’s question: “What’s your stance on extraterrestrial life?”

“I totally believe in aliens. E.T.’s a pretty cute little mo-fo.” — Bryce, electrical enginering

“I think that they look like… like little teddy bears, like in ‘Star Wars.’” — Kendra, computer science

“We’re like one star among billions of stars…. We need to be in a relationship among Jupiter’s complex field… Aliens could be quadra-pods.” — Will, political science

“I agree with everything (Will) said, except he’s an idiot.” — Ross, philosophy

“Yes. They probably look just like the grays, or they could be just like the essence of energy. Or they could look like her [pointing to Entertainment Editor Courtney Riley].” — Alex, graphic design

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