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Feb 152012

Eat up and save the world

All day Thursday at Café Mexicali you can eat a burrito and help fight cancer at the same time.

By bringing a printed coupon, 20 percent of your purchase will go to Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society. The fundraiser is not valid without the coupon.

The event is sponsored by the Dean’s Student Leadership Council. Café Mexicali is located at 2925 South College Ave.

A reception of artistic proportions

Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Clara Hatton Gallery at CSU students will have the chance to converse with the Telegraph Art Collective.

The collective will be on campus for about a week creating site-specific work that responds to built and open spaces and represents the people and atmosphere of Fort Collins.

Telegraph will present notes, sketches, pieces and parts to Fort Collins instead of finished work.

The collective is made up of Hartmut Austen, Haley Renee Bates, Fabio J. Fernandez, Shannon Goff, Tom Lauerman, Brent Sommerhauser and Christian Tedeschi.

The big bang and creative genesis

Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in Behavioral Science room 131 university Distinguished Professor Holmes Rolston will speak about if the big bang might also be a set-up for creative genesis.

He will also pose the question, “Does the astrophysics and microphysics affect our metaphysics?” and “What of the anthropic principle suggesting how remarkable features in physics make life possible?”

At the talk CSU astronomer Roger Culver and CSU physicist Sanford Kern will provide commentary criticism and dialogue with audience participation.

This is the first of three lecture-discussion series sponsored by the Department of Philosophy. The next lecture is on March 22 on Life: Full House! Lonely Planet?.

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