Feb 142012
Authors: Taylor Pettaway

For men looking to join a fraternity at CSU, there is now one more option to choose from.

Phi Kappa Theta, a Roman Catholic fraternity with around 13 members, has been recently recognized by Greek Life and now has a colony on the CSU campus. The fraternity will be considered a colony for one calendar year until they receive their official chapter.

“The process is very long and work intensive, full of interviews and meetings, both with CSU and our national fraternity,” Phi Kappa Theta Vice President Austin Lucero said of the process. “Even though it was difficult at times, we knew the rewards of bringing a new fraternity to our campus would be well worth our efforts.”

“It is not always so easy to live out your values on a college campus, but now that we have Phi Kappa Theta, we have a fraternity devoted to doing just that.”

The procedure for getting a chapter recognized on campus takes about four months to complete, due to many interviews and meetings with Greek Life, as well as the national Phi Kappa Theta fraternity.

Phi Kappa Theta was formed at CSU to help everyone be able to fit in and find people to connect and grow with.

The goal of the fraternity is to find men who excel academically, have strong morals and values and wish to live by the mission of the organization, which includes developing men into effective leaders who passionately serve society, their fraternity and God.

“CSU is a large school, and a lot of our members were having a hard time finding their perfect fit here, so we wanted to start something a little different from what already existed,” said Phi Kappa Theta President Seth Willden. “We’re hoping Phi Kappa can be a home for more students that are having a hard time finding their home away from home as well.”’

Nationally, the values of the fraternity stem from the motto “Give, expecting nothing thereof,” meaning the members of the fraternity should strive to have a positive impact on the community.

“We are so fortunate that these incredible men reached out to Phi Kappa Theta,” said Anita Kerlin, Associate Executive Director of Education and Development for Phi Kappa Theta National Fraternity, in an email to the Collegian. “It’s always wonderful to see such values-based men who are already in alignment with our Mission and values representing our organization.”

“We are thrilled to be so welcomed to the CSU community,” Kerlin added.

There is constant recruitment because the fraternity is new, so potential members are welcome to join at any time. Phi Kappa Theta does not have a house on campus yet, but it may in the future. As of now, the fraternity is focusing on adding members and becoming a positive addition to the CSU community.

Collegian writer Taylor Pettaway can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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