Feb 062012
Authors: Moonier Said

A picture can say a thousand words, and for residents of Allison Hall, they may get the chance to prove that in a Valentine’s Day-inspired photo contest.

The contest, which ends on Feb. 17, allows each contestant to submit a maximum of three photographs with captions explaining why the photo fits in with the theme of love.

The event was created by Lindsey Earl of Gaining Understanding through Involvement, Diversity and Engagement (GUIDE).

The GUIDE staff will vote on the winning photo and, according to Earl, she’s already received “some extremely creative and ingenious pictures.”

There will be three contest winners, with each person receiving a gift card from the CSU bookstore. The winning pictures will also be displayed in the Lory Student Center and Allison Hall.

Contestant Renee Van Ineveld entered with no photography experience, but said she always loved taking pictures.

“My pictures are not what you would normally think of when you think love,” Van Ineveld said. “A lot of people think that squirrels are pests, but what they don’t realize is how amazing they are. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to scurry down a tree face-first? Squirrels deserve more love, starting with this contest.”

Contestant Dominickus Wells entered the contest with a spur-of-the-moment feeling and a push from his friends.

“If I were to try and describe a feeling, it would be that I was just having a good time,” Wells said. “I would say that since I took the photo myself it’s unique in that sense, because it’s my own creative expression.”

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Deadline for contest: Friday, Feb. 17
Photos can be sent to lingra@rams.colostate.edu.
A maximum of three pictures may be submitted.
Each picture should include a caption

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