Feb 012012
Authors: Marcus Moritz

The Lyric Cinema Cafe has been a staple of local cinematography and the Fort Collins community since its inception.

Relaxed and unique, the Lyric has recently re-introduced another aspect of its locality: the Byllynsgate Ball.

Pronounced “Bill-ins-gate,” this bi-weekly performance-ball of sorts is a collaboration of local
bands, artists and movie producers. Tickets cost $4, and the ball kicks off with live music and painting at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, followed by a presentation of short films at 8:15 p.m. and closing with another musical performance

Ivory Drive out of Boulder is the headlining band, and Stud Mushroom, a
local Fort Collins band, is closing the event.

“We’ve been around for four or five years now, and I’m just excited to play a show again,” said Van Wampler, the vocalist for Ivory Drive. “We haven’t played for a while because we’ve been recording our second album.”

The Byllynsgate Ball will feature live painting as well, meaning unlike a regular art
show, the painting will be happening as an event right in front of your eyes.

“The ‘live painting’ just means I’ll be working before and partially during the Byllynsgate
Ball,” said local artist Zachary Heil. “I don’t have a lot of experience doing something like
this, which is partially why I was interested in the first place, though I have painted and assisted in a few different mural projects throughout the years.”

The Byllynsgate Ball is also geared toward showcasing local artists and their movies.

“Any film playing is sure to be some sort of an independent short, and those are always
fun to watch,” said Wampler –– who is also one of the movie producers.

The Lyric is accepting most submissions, and the limits are
essentially up to your imagination. Submissions can be sent to byllynsgateball@gmail.com.

“My film is about two guys just out of college who are out of work, and decide that
kidnapping might be a good way to get some money,” Wampler said. “They just suck at
kidnapping. So it’s a comedy.”

The band following the films, Stud Mushroom, comes from right here in Fort Collins.

“I just think that it’s interesting because it’s a lot of local art and music,” said Jonah Greene, the drummer of Stud Mushroom. “Fort Collins is a really cool town for that. I think
it will be cool to see what people around the town are doing art-wise and music-wise and film

Even the beer that the Lyric will serve –– which will be discounted –– will be local

“I think people can enjoy an event like this through the variety of creativity being
showcased, the collaboration involved in the event,” Heil said. “To have it happening locally is
great for the community too and brings people together.”

“Who can say no to live music and film in one night?” Wampler said. “It’s a very unique,
intimate setting as well. It should be fun.”

Collegian writer Marcus Moritz can be reached at verve@collegian.com.

What: Byllynsgate Ball
Where: The Lyric Cinema Cafe
When: 7:30 to 11 p.m. tonight
Cost: $4
Featuring the bands: Ivory Drive and Stud Mushroom
Sponsored by: community radio station KRFC

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