Jan 312012
Authors: The Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

Sometimes, it can feel like Facebook owns us –– we constantly refresh the page, hoping to see if that newly-”friended” hottie commented “cute ;)” on our profile picture. It can be demoralizing.

But today, the tables may start to turn. Facebook is set to file for an I.P.O. (Initial Public Offering), allowing any of its faithful uses to buy stock in the company and eventually, that’s right, own Facebook.

It’s estimated that Facebook’s value will amount somewhere between $75 to $100 billion. Hot. Damn. And while many will be tempted to invest significant assets into the Internet behemoth, we can’t help but wonder: Will Facebook continue to be a sustainable company? Or is it on its way to sliding into Myspace-esque irrelevance?

While it’s clear Facebook’s impact on the world of social networking is incomparable, we are starting to think it just may have reached its peak already. And with its probable impending financial partnership with Morgan Stanley, we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s going to change significantly –– a change that may finally makes its million of users walk away.

With its foray into the public world of IPOs, many critics are worried Facebook will begin to cater to advertisers, if it’s possible, even more than it does now.

And with the increased pressure from advertisers, we’re sure there will be even more ambiguous privacy-dealings; because really, why are the only ads on the side of our Facebook page for Alcoholics Anonymous and The Cupcakery? How do they KNOW?

The truth is, Facebook has a hold on our generation, and they know it.

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