Jan 292012
Authors: Seth Stern

Tomorrow Colorado State University plays host to a historic event. I speak not of the latest round of Humans versus Zombies, nor even of another upset of a ranked Mountain West basketball rival. No, Tuesday morning in the Upper Ballroom of the Lory Student Center, the only politician of our lifetimes who is not completely full of crap –– Texas Congressman Dr. Ron Paul –– will bring his spoiler campaign to Ram Country as the first of three stops that day along Interstate 25.

This is not the first time a presidential candidate has visited Choice City and CSU during an election year. In 2008, the current president came to campus and capitalized on the ignorance of the first-time voters.

That election was hailed as a tide-shift in the political views of the nation. It wasn’t. We now know the facts of that election. Voters aged 18 to 29 and minority voters turned out in historic levels and voted overwhelmingly for the Democrat in a year when it was trendy to hate Republicans. Plus, he sounded different. The problem was, he wasn’t.

I haven’t been shy in my criticism of the most powerful puppet of Goldman Sachs since … his predecessor. But I have, at times, not been critical enough of his opponent that year. This is the shadow of morality that keeps me from picking on the mentally impaired –– McCain was a disaster.
This is the biggest difference between Ron Paul supporters, a group I most definitely and proudly claim to be among, and the supporters of the other candidates. I wouldn’t stoop to making a universal claim as I’m sure we have more than a few loose nuts amongst our mixed batch, but for the most part, we’ve gone beyond the superficial.

Santorum has actually said he didn’t support the idea of personal autonomy and only supports two of the key premises of the Declaration of Independence: Life and Liberty. This is a candidate for president saying he doesn’t believe people have an Inalienable Right to the Pursuit of Happiness.

Newt Gingrich — sociopathic narcissist he is — really went off his nut in the late ‘90s. While pressing for impeachment charges against “Slick Willy” Clinton for lying about an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, Newt was shacking up with his current wife, then-mistress, Callista.
Far be it from me to criticize a politician for hypocrisy, the lowest form of life on Earth, as we all know, is the hypocrite. But in a race for an office that has been tarnished by a century of kowtowing to banks, corporations and Wall Street interests, character counts.

In the worst recession since the Great Depression, ideas count for something as well. Newt unveiled his grand idea in a Florida debate last week when he expressed a desire (in front of a NASA-biased crowd no less) to not only reestablish lunar exploration, but to also establish an American colony on the Moon. In fact, Newt said if the colonists attain a population of 13,000, they can petition to become the 51st state of the Union. And we’re going to accomplish all of this by Newt’s second term.

With only three space shuttles, Newt wants to fund the transportation of not only the materials necessary to safely house 13,000 people, but he also apparently wants to send up some magic beans so they can climb up to the Giant’s castle for water when they get thirsty. This man, for the record, considers himself a small-government conservative. As does Santorum, but that’s no shock.
Mitt is playing the hand that was bought by Goldman Sachs. He manages to get through debates with a majority of the speaking time without having said anything of substance. It’s remarkable. He actually says nothing.

He does, however, have a well-established track record of pandering to voters. He’s also the other candidate receiving massive fund contributions from Wall Street and Goldman Sachs specifically.
Ron Paul is coming to our campus, and I recommend you go regardless of your political leanings. This is history in the making, and it will be remembered as a campaign the experts said wouldn’t make it out of the gate –– they’ve had to revise their predictions for his inevitable failure on a regular basis because he won’t go away.

Dr. No is the Constitutional ninja with a record of consistency and dedication to his oath of office. Go, listen, ask questions of anyone. He is what the 2008 winner purported himself to be before he capitulated to his corporate owners.

A historic event is taking place on your campus –– don’t miss the opportunity to observe.

S. Jacob Stern sees Dr. Paul as a hero to the American people. His column appears Mondays in the Collegian. He can be reached at letters@collegian.com.

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