Jan 262012
Authors: Allison Sylte

During Thursday’s budget retreat, Provost and Executive Vice President Rick Miranda announced that, according to current revenue forecasts, in-state students could see a 9 percent tuition increase next year.

In addition, out-of-state students will see a 3 percent tuition increase, and graduate students will see an increase somewhere in the 6 percent range, according to CSU President Tony Frank.

Faculty, who have been the victim of a three-plus year salary freeze, are budgeted to receive a 3 percent pay increase. While state classified employees are not expected to receive a salary increase according to state budget projections, Miranda said the administration is brainstorming ways to ensure that CSU’s state classified employees receive a pay raise on par with faculty.

For an analysis as to what these numbers mean for CSU students, check out Monday’s Collegian.

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