Jan 242012
Authors: Sabrina Norwood

Students interested in Greek life here at CSU may find a few differences between fall and spring rush.

The fraternity chapters at Colorado State recruit year-round and hold informal rush events at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.

There are 40 Greek chapters here at CSU. Every fraternity is recruiting this spring, but only three sororities are participating.

The main difference between fall and spring rush for sororities is that spring rush tends to be less formal. During the fall, sororities hold tours and showings of their houses, along with meetings with the women who are interested.

Recruitment, at any time of the year, is informal for fraternities.

“Recruitment for fraternities at CSU in the fall and spring is known as Informal Rush,” said Charlie Fredrick, vice president and head of recruitment for Pi Kappa Phi during 2011. “Which means a male student is not required to sign up, attend all houses, dress up, etc.”

Spring rush tends to draw less participants, but it still plays a part in growing participating Greek chapters on campus.

“Although there is more success in terms of numbers in the fall compared to the spring, both share the same benefits,” said John Dietrick, vice president of recruitment for Sigma Phi Epsilon Colorado Gamma. “Recruitment is the lifeblood of any Greek organization. Without recruitment, a chapter will disappear in a very short matter of time.”

The most common reason a chapter would not participate in spring recruitment would be because they met their capacity during the fall semester.

“All fraternities do spring rush because we are always trying to grow and improve Greek Life at CSU,” Fredrick said. “As for sororities, I know most have a quota, so if they meet that in the fall, they do not have spring recruitment.”

Some students decide to participate in spring rush after learning more about Greek life from their friends and from the Greek chapters.

“During fall recruitment, I didn’t know if I wanted to rush,” said freshman business major Cassie O’Connell. “I didn’t know if that was something I would be interested in. But it seems like a fun thing.”

If students are interested in joining the Greek community, they are encouraged to stop by the Greek Life Office located in the Lory Student Center, room 176.

Collegian writer Sabrina Norwood can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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