Jan 232012
Authors: The Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

When most people think about Colorado skiing, they imagine fresh powder, clear blue skies and the opportunity for an outdoor adventure of a lifetime.

But in the wake of three recent fatal accidents at Colorado ski resorts, we ask you to consider one other thing: your personal safety.

Two men, ages 28 and 43, and one boy, 13, have died in three separate avalanche incidents, bringing the total number of Colorado skier deaths to three so far this season.

Of the three accidents, one occurred in a heavily wooded area in the Winter Park resort, another happened outside of a Snowmass ski area, and the most recent occurred on an expert run in a closed area on Vail Mountain.

We offer our support to the family and friends of the three avalanche victims. We also, however, hope other skiers and snowboarders learn from these tragic events.

According to the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, this season’s avalanche danger has been heightened, making it especially important for people to “use extra caution near or below any slope approaching 30 degrees.”

“You will be able to trigger avalanches from remote distances and from low-angle or even flat terrain,” read the center’s report published Sunday.

So next time you’re on the slopes, make sure to step back and ask yourself if the risk is really worth it. We fully support the thrill of winter sports, but know that in order to experience your next big adventure, you have to stay safe and stick around.

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