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Authors: Colleen McSweeney

When I was a freshman, the CSU Morgan Library riddled me with fear — even more fear than that time I mistook my roommate’s cat for a home intruder (which is all the time).

The first time I ever stepped foot in Ol’ Morgy — as I’m going to affectionately call it for the first and last time right now — I felt like President Tony Frank probably feels when looking at a picture of Abraham Lincoln’s beard: inadequate and anxious.

It was around the second week of classes freshman year, and my Composition 150 class was supposed to meet in one of the library’s computer labs to learn about the infamous EBSCO and other dreaded online databases. Upon entering the library’s then-rotating doors, the terror set in.

Where could Room 103 possibly be? Do libraries even have room numbers? Why is this place so big? Why is that coffee stand so small, and why am I not ordering from it right now?

As I’ve been trained to do in times of stress, I immediately went up to the Coffee Cart and ordered food. A logical, competent, non-terrified freshman would have just gone up to one of the employees at the front desk and asked for directions. But me? At the time, I thought it was best to wander around aimlessly with my cookie and eventually find the classroom, hidden in the corner, 15 minutes after class started.

But I sit here today, surprised at how far I’ve come from that misguided venture so long ago. Not only do I now know where Room 103 is, but I also could tell you exactly where the book “You Can Train Your Cat : Secrets of a Master Cat Trainer” is located: basement, shelves in the middle-left corner, call number SF446.6 .P67 2009.

Yes, I started out scared of Morgan Library’s size and general unfamiliarity. But now, I’m one of those very employees who so intimidated me that second week of freshman year.

The truth is, I was scared of mostly everything when I first came to CSU. But working at — and eventually learning to understand and love — CSU’s library is just one concrete example of fear dissipating to familiarity in college.

Just as college has taught me about both academics and life, Ol’ Morgy has done the same. Here are just a few things all CSU students should know about our construction-filled house of books.

There’s construction everywhere, but it’ll be worth it because the library will look like Paris, France:
When I.M. Pei first designed the glass structure in front of the Louvre, controversy ensued. And while the Morgan Library may not house the Mona Lisa, it’s sort of the same thing, right? Okay, not really. But hopefully by this May, we’ll have a cool glass cube that will be open 24 hours to students. And you know what that means? Free on-campus housing!

There are a ton of things available for check out, including human skulls:
Need to practice a scene from “Hamlet”? We’ve got you covered. There are also graphing calculators for that calculus test you have in 10 minutes, extra laptop chargers and so many other things we all sometimes forget at home. Something I wish I had known about my freshman year is all of the textbooks available at the Loan and Reserve Desk, as well as throughout the library. Since I’ve worked at the library, I haven’t spent a single dollar on textbooks for class — and as a perpetual cheapskate, that’s something I’ll proudly tell my grandchildren.

The Morgan’s Grind coffee shop has these ham and cheese croissants that will make you consider forming a ham and cheese croissant religion: Seriously.

There are magical, “Harry Potter”–esque moving shelves in the basement: Now bring your Muggle-selves down there and get to learning!

Editorial Editor Colleen McSweeney is a junior journalism major. Her column appears Tuesdays in the Collegian. She can be reached at letters@collegian.com.

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