Jan 192012
Authors: Andrew Carrera

Hot wild girls. Rottweilers. One million dollars.

Two CSU alumni have ascended to national stardom after connecting these three things and turning them into a potential Super Bowl Doritos commercial.

Brad Scott and Nate Watkin created the video “Hot Wild Girls,” with the support of Eric Delgado, and submitted it to the annual “Crash the Super Bowl” Doritos contest alongside 6,100 other entries. The team’s submission was selected as one of the top five videos and now stands a chance of being aired during the Super Bowl.

“This is the largest contest that you can do in video,” Watkin said. “ … It’s such a long shot, knowing how many people entered this competition. When we got the call to say that we became finalists, it was unreal.”

The ad shows two “brochachos” talking to a magic smart phone, asking it to produce Doritos and a sombrero out of thin air. When everything appears, one gets excited and shouts, “Send me some hot wild girls!” Misinterpreting the command, the phone sends three rottweilers instead, chasing both of them out of the room.

“It was pretty last minute,” Watkin said.

The trio has already won $25,000 and a trip to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis for being finalists. But they don’t know if their ad will actually run until it airs – or until it doesn’t.

“(I’m) not really sure how we’re going to react or how we’re going to feel. We’ve never really been in that situation before,” Watkin said.

They’re relying on supportive Coloradans and the CSU community to vote for their video before Jan. 29, in hopes of being chosen and seen by the 115 million people who annually tune into the football championship.

“That’s the biggest thing that we could do right now,” Watkin said. “ … The bar’s set pretty high because this is the sixth year Dorito’s has done it. We have a lot of people behind us right now.
We’re being pretty proactive.”

And if it gets played and is further voted the favorite commercial of the evening, they’ll win one million dollars and a chance to produce a video with The Lonely Island.

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