Jan 182012
Authors: Allison LeCain

The holidays can be a stressful time of year, and added pressure to make good gift choices doesn’t help. Here is a list of the best and worst gift ideas to ease the stress of shopping.

The Best

1. The wish list
When in doubt, there is no harm in checking up on someone’s Amazon wish list. This allows the person to post whatever it is he or she may want for anyone else to buy. While it may not be creative, people always enjoy getting exactly what they asked for.

2. Love coupons
Looking for something adorable to give your significant other? Make a handmade coupon booklet filled with coupons good for one hug, massage, dinner out or
anything else your sweetheart may desire.

3. Electronics
These are one of the best presents a person can receive. Most people don’t buy electronics on a regular basis because of the high prices. The holidays are a great time to give them something they wouldn’t be able to afford themselves.

4. Money
It’s always appreciated – plain and simple. While it may be impersonal, gifting money never goes out of style.

5. A night out
Silver and gold may be pricey and shiny, but experiences and memories are priceless. Take your significant other out for a night on the town. There is nothing better on the holidays than sharing it with the ones you love.

The Worst

1. Exercise equipment
With all the turkey dinners and holiday cookies, people tend to put on some weight during this time of year.The last thing a friend or relative wants is for someone to remind them of this weight.Giving a person some sort of exercise equipment is never a good idea, unless the person specifically asked for it.

2. Re-gifting
Never re-gift or give something used, unless you severely dislike the person to whom you’re gifting. These types of gifts are rarely appreciated unless there is some kind of sentimental value to them.

3. Man sweaters
No matter how good you think that sweater might look on your man, he will not appreciate it. Men don’t like clothes. The end.

4. Lingerie
Although your woman may put on some sexy lingerie to please you, most women do not appreciate receiving it as a gift. When giving lingerie, questions come up in a woman’s mind, like “why does he want me to wear this,” and “is he trying to tell me that he wants me to be sexier?” So unless the woman picked it out herself, lingerie is a bad gift idea.

5. Gifts that require work
While these could be ideally thoughtful in the long run, they are generally unappreciated at the time of giving. Vacuums, lawn mowers, and razors are ok if the person asked to receive such a gift, but that is the only

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