Jan 162012
Authors: Erin Udell

Despite recent leadership changes within RamRide, the Associated Students of CSU President Eric Berlinberg said he’s hopeful for the program, which saw, what he calls, a “bad luck streak” last semester.

After deciding to transfer from CSU, former Director of RamRide Keegan Schulz resigned in late December, leaving his position open, along with four empty deputy director posts.

Schulz was the second director the program saw last semester, having taken over for former RamRide Director Allison McVey who resigned in September.

“It’s tough,” said Berlinberg, who served as the program’s director from 2009-2010. “It’s difficult to have a lot of turnover (with RamRide) because that learning curve is just so tough. “

While looking for people to fill the empty roles, Berlinberg said his administration is also looking toward the program’s future.

“The goal we had this year was to focus on making sure this program is set up for success,” he said. “This past semester shows that we’re just not there yet.”

Deputy Chief of Staff Regina Martel, who, in addition to serving as Director of RamRide last year, filled in for Schulz after his resignation, said ASCSU plans to use the several open positions as a catalyst for change within the department.

“We’re seeing it as an opportunity to keep people in it (Ram Ride),” Martel said. “We’re looking at reworking the payroll in a way that allows us to pay hourly for working nightly operations.”

Interested ASCSU members and non-members are encouraged to apply, by Friday, for the open positions, which include Deputy Director of RamRide — Volunteers and Staffing, Donations and Sponsorships, Positive Impact and Marketing and Education.

Applicants will be interviewed, with Martel, Berlinberg and Chief of Staff Kaylyn Kardavani making the ultimate hiring decisions by next week.

According to Berlinberg, several students have already submitted applications for the deputy director positions, including people who have never been involved with ASCSU before.

The majority of director applications submitted, however, have been internal instead of external.

“I’m pleased with seeing internal applicants,” Berlinberg said. “We need someone who has a passion for serving students, has a self-managing aspect and is willing to do nightly operations.”

As for Schulz, he’s confident with the future leadership of his former department.

“I know a few people who have applied (for the director position), and I’m hopeful,” Schulz said. “This is not a program that anyone will let fail.”

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