Not Home For the Holidays

Dec 122011
Authors: Kara Sawinska

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder and the winter holidays are right around the corner.

For many Colorado State University students, being away from home during this time can be exceptionally hard. Many students have found certain foods can fill this void and recreate that homey atmosphere.

Since baked goods are common treats this time of year, selecting easy recipes that require minimal ingredients are a great option for students.

“My roommates and I usually make gingerbread cookies or decorate Christmas cookies,” Jordan Lillmars, a junior communications major, said.

She elaborated in an email that this tradition began during her sophomore year when she and her roommates started living in their apartment. For Lillmars, baking cookies is festive and brings her happiness during the holidays.

Although she and her roommates do return home for the holidays because their families live in Colorado, having a baking party still serves as a fun home-away-from-home activity, especially since it involves sampling their original creations.

Through spending quality time with friends and making recipes come to life, the tantalizing scents associated with each food wafting through the kitchen creates a feeling
of hominess.

Making a cuisine that mirrors one’s cultural background can additionally serve as a way for college students to create a holiday atmosphere that resembles the
one at home.

Esmeralda Rodriguez, a senior social work major, has done this through her sorority, Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc., by partaking in a cultural potluck that typically happens in the fall semester and involves the sisters either cooking or bringing food associated with their culture.

“Sometimes we do a presentation of that country and present a dish,” she said. “Coming from a Mexican family I usually do empanadas or chili rojo.”

By associating with those who share a similar ethnicity, it can serve as a yet another way to remember the holidays as well as one’s values and culture.

College students can bring the holidays to their home-away-from-home by being thrifty and purchasing some tasty holiday appetizers rather than the entire main course. Taking advantage of smart deals is a simple, inexpensive way to still have a taste of the holiday favorites while staying within a modest budget.

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