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Authors: Emily Luft

The girl behind me in the Subway line last week doesn’t. But I do. I’ve always been pretty good at remembering names and faces — and when people beat the crap out of their super famous girlfriends. When I hear “Chris Brown,” I think “anger management,” “face punching” and “chair throwing. “ No, no, no! Not “yeah, yeah, yeah.”

I’m not putting my hands up in the air for that douchebag. Why do you want me to put my hands up? So you can break my face?

Despite his high-profile domestic abuse case against none other than pop sensation Rihanna, he still has chart-topping hits and sold-out tours. His album, F.A.M.E., dropped without hesitation just two years after the incident. Maybe I’m just a grudge holder, but he doesn’t seem too sorry or too in control of himself. Nothing says “RED FLAG” quite like throwing a chair through a window. Am I right?

Chris Brown did apologize, but got upset when Robin Roberts interviewed him about the incident. After his appearance on Good Morning America, he said, “I felt like, it was like, OK, you told us this just so they could get us on the show to exploit me,” he said. “That’s what I thought. And so I took it very, very hard.” Rihanna also took it pretty hard.

When I overhear his songs being played in the bars and on the radio, I can’t help but think, “Is there really nothing else to listen to?” If you want some club-bumping sick beats…I could suggest some healthier alternatives. I’m sort of upset by the way his fans defend him. I understand he’s human, and I understand he apologized. I’m glad Rihanna was able to forgive him, and not for his sake but for hers. But celebrating Chris Brown sends all kinds of wrong messages.

The good news is, Chris Brown definitely doesn’t write his own music. So I propose we give those auto-tuned hip-hop songs to a more deserving artist. Maybe someone who doesn’t need to be auto-tuned in the first place! There isn’t a shortage of talented pop musicians. I’d rather hear The-Dream or Taio Cruz any day (ugh, but not Pitbull, please). Why? Because they didn’t punch a lady — that I know of, anyways. Or better yet, let’s throw John Legend into the club music scene.

Liking the song though doesn’t mean you support Chris Brown. Can we separate the work from the artist? Is that okay? Forgiving celebrities is tricky business.

Tiger Woods for example: Sleazebag McGee and his mistresses-a-plenty — gross ones I might add. I guess for me, being good at golf doesn’t matter. Talent doesn’t cancel out idiocy. Hole- in-one apparently wasn’t good enough for him, if you know what I mean. I’m not impressed. But suddenly he’s on top of his golf game again. Yahoo News headlines are all about Tiger Woods’ great return to the game of golf! He might be great at golf, but he sucks at not sucking.

Another example, and one closer to my heart, is Michael Jackson. As a kid, Michael Jackson was it. The “Thriller” music video meant the world to me. I practiced for hours trying to lean forward in the style of Smooth Criminal. White socks and black shoes forever. As a fan, it’s still hard to stomach the allegations against him. I still listen to his music. But his odd behavior around children is on my mind. We build up our favorite celebrities, and when they fail it’s hard to recover from. But Michael Jackson was a powerhouse and a legend. Chris Brown? Eh.

I guess I don’t really have a call to action. What do you think? I don’t have the answer.

I made you all a playlist for the holidays. So do me a favor. Instead of listening to Chris Brown, listen to this playlist I made you all:

1. “All I want for Christmas is You” – Mariah Carey
2. “All I want for Christmas is You” – Mariah Carey
3. “All I want for Christmas is You” – Mariah Carey

Happy Holidays!

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