Dec 082011
Authors: Erica Schmidt

After reading the article “Moby may get $4.5 million renovation in 2012,” I find myself confused and irritated. Why, in this financial crisis with tuition rising to ludicrous rates, do we continue plowing campus with multimillion-dollar renovations?

Yes, the article did say the money is coming out of reserves, loan payments and donations. Sounds great––it’s not coming out of my wallet! Or is it? The article claimed that the reserve money ($4.5 million to be exact) was available due to “this year’s higher non-resident enrollment than projected during the initial budgeting period.” Oh I have an idea –– how about save the bulging reserve budget for an emergency, and this year don’t overcharge tuition by $4.5 million! Granted, I am not sure the $4.5 million was all from under-projecting, but my point still stands.

Also, what the hell is wrong with Moby? I have attended many games––volleyball included––and it seems like a perfectly acceptable gym. I’m still trying to figure out what was wrong with the library… I do agree, though: the volleyball team is doing amazing. Keep playing well and I will keep attending (yes, I am a bandwagon fan) but do you really need a new gym for a reward? I will personally plan a victory party at my house if it keeps me from seeing one more closed road, digger, hammer, crane, port-o-potty or any other construction baggage on campus!

_Erica Schmidt is a sophomore communication studies major. _

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