Dec 062011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Our university sure has some big dreams. And while we don’t want to crush them entirely, CSU’s ambition might lead administrators to bite off a little more than they can chew.

As reported in a Wednesday Coloradoan article, our new athletic director, Jack Graham, said he envisions a future with a football stadium on campus.

Even President Tony Frank mentioned the same idea in an essay posted on the CSU website Dec. 1, mentioning the impact a privately-funded football stadium on campus would have on “attracting people to our wonderful campus, engaging students, reconnecting alumni and boosting the local economy.”

And while it’s a great idea in theory, to put it simply, we doubt it’s feasibility — and that’s before you even add in the more than $100 million needed to build it.

On one hand, the university is already knee-deep in several other large-scale projects, including the current library renovations, the new LSC update and construction of Academic Village North — a dorm set to house our increasing student population.

On another note, we’re not entirely sure where this stadium would go. Space on campus is already pretty tight as it is.

And by the time they even start to figure out the logistics, most of us will probably be graduated and on our way out of Fort Collins.

It’s a great idea, but that’s all that it is. It’s another great suggestion that will die once the daily grind — and reality — sets in. But keep dreaming, CSU.

Hey, maybe one day our football team will be so good that students actually want to make the hike the Hughes. Then again … maybe not.

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