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*Editor’s Note: On Nov. 15, 2011 the article, A Different Kind of Stork was published in the Collegian insert of College Avenue Magazine. The adoption agency, Adoption Dreams Come True, wished to issue this letter of clarification.

Adoption is a wonderful way to create a family. Adoption gives a child born to be part of two family trees: A birth mother and father who love their child and make the hard and loving decision to choose adoption for their child and adopting families who in their hearts a baby grows.

Birth parents that choose adoption go through many emotions as do the families that wait for a child. The common goal is for a child to have a loving, safe, and permanent home. Two families working together to give a child the life he or she deserves. Adoption can be a rare and wonderful experience for everyone involved.

Adopting families go through a rigorous licensing process to become parents whether it be for one, two, or more children. Birth parents go through counseling and are supported through their decisions around the future for their child.

Birth parents who choose adoption can choose a semi open, open, or closed adoption, which formulates the amount of contact they will have with their adopting family. If they are choosing an adoptive family their preference is personal to them. They choose from a diverse population of families such as single parents, two parent families; same sexed families, families with children, without children and for reasons or circumstances that are important to them. There is no right or wrong and each basis for that decision is different.

A short clip and photo of waiting families like the Susa’s featured in the article, “A Different Kind of Stork” can be found on agency websites such as which allows birth parents a way to view families hoping to create their families through adoption.

Adopting families may want to get the word out to as many people as they can to increase their chances of being chosen. There are a lot of laws around this. All avenues of getting this word out should be cleared through an agency and directed back to the agency for the safeguard of all parties involved. While Facebook is a way to get mass amounts of information out into the public it could create a very vulnerable situation. Social media is a sign of the times. However, in such matters that require careful consideration of the emotions involved with an adoption it may not be the best way to create awareness for specific families versus agency sites.

As for the cost associated with an adoption, these fees are the responsibility to the family being licensed. Many families seek financial assistance from friends and family who subsidized cost of the adoption. Generally when there are fundraisers, the funds are used for the programs in the non-profit adoption agency and are tax deductible but are not distributed to individual family situations. All expenses that may occur for birth parents will be evaluated and approved through their agency.

Adoption is a wonderful means to a family. It is a road that should be navigated by the help of trained professionals so that all parties are protected.

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