"Spamalot" of Fun

Dec 012011
Authors: Jesi Fish

What do you get when you mix slapstick humor, killer bunnies, dancing girls, and singing knights? … Monty Python’s Spamalot of course, and this crazy musical has come to Fort Collins.

For only $44-59, audience members can see the nationally touring, Tony award winning musical at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins this Dec. 1-3. Complete with King Arthur and his famous knights of the round table, some new faces and favorite foes, it has promised to be an epic adventure.

The dark knight, cow throwing Frenchmen, the knights who say “Ni” and evil rabbits get in the way of the quirky casts, quest for the Holy Grail, but all ends well in the world of “Spamalot.”

“Tim Hatley’s deliriously artificial sets and costumes bring to mind a collaboration between a cynical Las Vegas resort designer and a stoned class committee for a junior-senior prom,” New York Times wrote. “The show is amusing, agreeable, forgettable – a better-than-usual embodiment of the musical for theatergoers who just want to be reminded now and then of a few of their favorite things.”

Monty Python’s co-creater Eric Idle, musical originator John Du Prez and Director Mick Nichols, put together what ended up being a winner of three Tony awards (including Best Musical) and what was nominated for 14 Tonys, grossing over $175 million on Broadway.

Based on the movie, the musical debuted in Chicago, then headed to Broadway. Now that the show has traveled internationally, groups are performing “Spamalot” across the United States.

If someone’s not familiar with Monty Python’s sometimes crude, sexual and occasionally “culturally offensive” humor or does not appreciate the art of men dancing in tights in this loud in your face musical, they may wish to skip this one.

But if this sounds like fun, you would be with the other thousands, loving this musical.

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