Colorado State basketball wins Don Haskins Invitational

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Dec 292011
Authors: Kevin Lytle

A dominant performance from CSU guard Wes Eikmeier helped the Rams to a 79-56 win over Jacksonville State on Thursday in the championship game of the Bank of the West Don Haskins Sun Bowl Invitational in El Paso.

Eikmeier scored 25 points, which ties his career-high. It’s the second time in 10 days he has scored that many. He did the damage on 7-14 shooting and he hit 10-12 free throws.

The Rams (9-4) led 36-26 at half.

In the second half, CSU took over.

The Rams shot 62 percent after the break and shot a staggering 60 percent for the game.

Jacksonville State was held to only 32 percent on the night.

One of the Rams keys in every game is to get to the free throw line, and they did that Thursday, making 23-30 attempts.

CSU guard Dwight Smith chipped in 15 points on 5-5 shooting while Will Bell added 12 and Pierce Hornung racked up 12 rebounds.

The win gives CSU four straight victories. The Rams longest win streak last season was six games.

CSU now has over a week off before beginning a four-game homestand on Jan. 7 against the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

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Colorado State System Board of Governors sees two new appointments

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Dec 292011
Authors: Allison Sylte

Governor John Hickenlooper’s office announced Wednesday that he has reappointed Don Elliman and appointed Russell Neil Johnson to the CSU System Board of Governors, pending Colorado State Senate approval.

Johnson has been appointed to the seat held by former BOG Chair and McCoy rancher Pat McConathy, whose seat expires in Janaury. Johnson is a republican from Sterling, according to a press release, and was chosen because of his extensive knowledge of agriculture.

Elliman, a democrat from Greenwood Village, was first appointed to the board in September 2010, when he was chosen to fill the remaining 15 month term of the late Tom Farley.

Elliman was appointed in 2009 by then-Governor (and current head of CSU’s Center for the New Energy Economy) Bill Ritter as the state’s first chief operating officer. Prior to that, he served as director of Colorado’s Office of Economic Development and International Trade, according to the CSU System website.

He was the publisher of People magazine and the president and publisher of Sports Illustrated, and also served as the president and CEO of Ascent Sports, which owns the Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets and the Pepsi Center.

Elliman is currently the BOG’s treasurer.

If the senate approves Gov. Hickenlooper’s appointments, both Elliman’s and Johnson’s terms will expire Dec. 31, 2015.

Watch for the Collegian’s first issue of the new school year on Tuesday, Jan. 17 for in-depth coverage of the hiring decision.

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Key department leaders leave Colorado State’s student government

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Dec 282011
Authors: Erin Udell

Two long-time members of the Associated Students of CSU resigned early this week, adding to the now five open executive positions for this upcoming spring semester.

Matt Strauch, the former director of finance, and Keegan Schulz, the former director of RamRide, submitted their official resignations on Monday, citing personal reasons.

According to an email sent out by ASCSU President Eric Berlinberg, controller Taylor Jackson will take over Strauch’s duties as the interim Director of Finance and Chief of Staff Regina Martel will oversee RamRide operations until a director is named.

Berlinberg, in an email to the Collegian, said he accepted both Strauch and Schulz’s resignations before adding, “We appreciate their service to the students of Colorado State University.”

Strauch served under four different administrations during his time at ASCSU and Schulz, who was named director of RamRide this past October, joined the organization as a senator in fall 2007.

“It’s really hard,” Schulz said of his resignation. “It was probably the hardest decision I’ve had to make.”

The senior applied computing technology major said he ultimately had to resign because he’ll be transferring from CSU this spring. Schulz added, however, that he’s confident with the department he’s leaving behind.

“The staff in RamRide are very capable people and any one of them will do just fine,” he said. “They’re probably the most dedicated people I know.”

Schulz also added that, unlike the beginning of his tenure, the new director will have less to worry about in terms of implementing new initiatives — including the RamRide Return program that launched this semester.

For Strauch, leaving ASCSU was, much like for Schulz, bittersweet but necessary. Ultimately, serving in one of ASCSU’s key executive positions while also pursuing a second bachelor’s degree in social work, proved to be too much of a time commitment.

“It’s a little bit of a void in my life, but it’s a good change,” Strauch said. “I really need to focus on my academics.”

“Taylor (Jackson) is controller, so she understands the elements of my job,” he said of his former department’s future leadership. “I also left a good filing system, so I think it will be just fine.”

Berlinberg said he has opened up the application process for all five empty positions, including the Deputy Director of RamRide ­– Volunteers and Staffing, the deputy director of RamRide – Positive Impact and the deputy director of Community Development – Greek Life Affairs.

Interested students are encouraged to submit a completed application and current resume to before the Jan. 20 deadline at 4:30 p.m. Berlinberg will set up interviews and ratification for these positions will take place on Feb. 1.

News Editor Erin Udell can be reached at

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Hornung returns to help Colorado State basketball blow out Texas Southern

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Dec 192011
Authors: Kevin Lytle

On Nov. 15 in a game against Stanford, CSU forward Pierce Hornung suffered a concussion. Monday night the junior took the floor for the first time since getting hurt, and he didn’t waste any time getting back into the action, helping to lead CSU (6-4) to an easy 85-61 win over Texas Southern (1-8).

Hornung first entered the action about two minutes into the game, and just over two minutes later he had already racked up six points, four rebounds and a block.

“I’ve been out a long time so I was really anxious to get back out there and try to help the team win,” Hornung said.

His first touch of the ball came when he grabbed an offensive rebound and put it back in for the score. A couple of possessions later he did the same thing.

On the night he finished with seven points, 11 rebounds and three steals in 21 minutes of action.

“He makes all of those little plays,” guard Wes Eikmeier said. “You see why the fans love him so much, it’s because he’s always out there giving 100 percent. We missed him and we’re glad he’s back.”

His play alleviated any fears that he would need some time to regain the form that he had before suffering the concussion.

“Pierce is a really good player,” coach Tim Miles said. “He brings a lot of things that matter to winning to a team.”

And while the return of Hornung is the main story, and the biggest key for CSU moving forward on the season, the Rams also got star performances from two veteran guards, Dorian Green and Eikmeier.

Green led the charge in a first half that saw CSU enter the break with a 20-point lead. The junior scored 12 points in the first, including two three-pointers. He ended the game with 15 points.

Eikmeier continued the solid play he has had all season.

He had two evenly balanced halves, scoring 13 in the first and 12 in the second. He went 4-7 from behind-the-arc to finish with 25 points, which tied a career-high. He would have had a chance to break it if not for being pulled with over six minutes remaining with the game in hand.

“Almost every night Wes has his touch,” Hornung joked after the game.

The win comes after the Rams went 12 days without playing a game following an 87-64 loss to Duke on Dec. 7.

CSU now heads to Greeley to face the University of Northern Colorado at 7 p.m. Thursday.

“They were in the NCAA Tournament last year, we weren’t,” Miles said. “We know this. The last time we were there (in 2009, a 70-63 win for UNC) they stormed the floor. That’s a big game for them and a big for us.”

Assistant Sports Editor Kevin Lytle can be reached at

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Live chat: Texas Southern vs. Colorado State men's basketball

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Dec 192011
Authors: Kevin Lytle

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Il dead

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Dec 182011
Authors: Collegian Staff Report

According to an Associated Press report, longtime and enigmatic North Korean leader Kim Jong Il died at 8:30 a.m. on Monday. He was 69.

Kim topped Parade’s List of the World’s Top 10 Worst Dictators in 2011.

The news first broke on North Korean state television, where the anchors tearfully announced the leader’s death.

Kim reportedly suffered a stroke in 2008, but seemed to be in good health during recent diplomatic visits throughout Asia. While the leader is believed to have suffered from diabetes and heart disease, the exact cause of his death is unknown.

Kim was born in Vyatsoke, a city in the former Soviet Union, in 1941. His father commanded the first battalion of the Soviet 88th brigade, which was made up of Soviet and Chinese exiles. His official biographers claim Il his birth at “Baekdu Mountain” was foretold by a swallow, and heralded by the appearance of a double rainbow and a new star, according to Wikipedia.

He officially became the “Supreme Leader” of North Korea in 1998, four years after the death of his father. The North Korean people built a personality cult Kim, referring to him as “our dear father” and “our fearless leader.”

Though Kim is not required to stand for election for office, he is unanimously elected every year.

North Korea has a state controlled economy, and according to Wikipedia, has suffered famine and economic stagnation under Kim’s leadership.

The U.S. and North Korea have had shaky foreign relations, especially following a 1994 treaty where North Korea agreed to rid itself of its nuclear. However, in 2002, Kim’s government admitted to possessing nuclear weapons, citing security issues. In 2006, the country announced it had successfully created an underground nuclear test.

“We oppose the reactionary policies of the U.S. government but we do not oppose the American people. We want to have many good friends in the United States,” Kim said.

According to the New York Times, in September, Kim unveiled his third son, 20-something year old Kim Jong Un, as his successor.

Kim was known for being enigmatic. He reportedly has 17 palaces throughout North Korea, and was a fan of American basketball, to the point where former Secretary of State Madeiline Albright ended a diplomatic visit by presenting Il with a basketball signed by Michael Jordan.

During a psychological study of infamous dictators, Kim, along with Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Saddam Hussein all shared the “Big Six” personality traits: sadistic, paranoid, antisocial, narcissistic, schizoid and schizotypal.

According to the Sunday Telegraph, Kim has $4 million deposited in banks across Europe, in the event he would have ever needed to flee North Korea.

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Live chat: Jim McElwain announced as new football coach

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Dec 132011
Authors: Kevin Lytle

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Holiday Recipe: Mint Truffles

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Dec 132011
Authors: Jaime Pritchard

However you celebrate the holiday season, these petite delights are the perfect sweet treats! Try serving these dessert hors d’oeuvres at your family gathering or gifting them in a festive box to your foodie friend. Plus you can make these in your dorm — they’re bake-free!


Two cups of butter, melted
One cup finely chopped pecans
1 ½ cup of crème de menthe chips
Four cups confectioners’ sugar
Two cups (12 ounces) semisweet
chocolate chips
Two teaspoons shortening


1. Fill a small saucepan ¾ full with water; heat on medium and bring to a boil. Quick tip: If you cannot easily access a stove (or if you live in the dorms), microwave the crème de menthe chips in a micro-safe bowl on 50 percent until melted, stirring frequently.

2. Then pour crème de menthe chips into a small metal or heat-safe plastic bowl and place in the saucepan so that it floats on the surface of boiling water. Watch carefully and stir frequently until the chips have melted into smooth liquid.

3. In a large bowl, combine melted butter, pecans and melted crème de menthe. Gradually beat in confectioners’ sugar. Cover and let sit in room temperature for one hour.

4. With hands lightly dusted with confectioners’ sugar, shape mixture into approximately one-inch balls. Place on wax paper-lined baking sheets. Chill for 30 minutes or until firm.

5. Using same methods of heating described in step one, melt semisweet chocolate chips and shortening; stir until smooth. Then dip balls in chocolate mixture letting excess chocolate drip off.
Return to wax paper and chill until chocolate has hardened.

Makes 54 truffles

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Quiz: Who's Your Sugar Honey?

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Dec 132011
Authors: Kate Frasure

1. What can your sugar honey do for you?

A. Just pass me the dough.
B. Wisk me away from my problems and give me the good romantic life.
C. My baby just needs to love me for who I am.

2. You need money, honey, and NOW. You’re most likely to interrupt him or her…

A. Combing through the latest financial reports from
sketchy off-shore bank accounts.
B. Sleeping. Between me and work, my darling doesn’t get
much…sleep, anyways.
C. Sorting laundry, drinking tea and eating scones.

3. You call your sugar honey…

A. Professor, even though I’m not a student anymore.
B. Wolfman Harry! I know it’s not appreciated, but I love to make honey mad!
C. Poppet, Smoochie-Poo – that sort of thing.

4. You love sugar honey because he or she is…

A. Really, really disgustingly rich. Did I mention the
privately owned island?
B. Suave, sexy, and good with the hands…among other
C. Loyal, noble, gentle, loving and completely wrapped
around my finger.

Mostly A’s: Bill Gates or Oprah

You’re in it for the sweet, sweet lovin’ of cold, hard cash. You’re basically willing to do whatever it takes to never see a student loan payment a day in your life. A little sucking up to your honey is totally worth the endless amounts of ridiculously expensive and meaningless gifts that comprise your relationship, right? Fellas, get ready to join an entourage – hey maybe you’ll get a free car! Ladies, iron your best pantsuit – you’re gonna need it.

Mostly B’s: Russell Brand or Britney Spears

As long as you have booze money and a place to crash for the night, you’re ready to party the night away with your honey. Sure, your sweetie may call you every name but your own, run naked with hair clippers through your house and throw ragers until 7 a.m., but it’s kind of like a more intense frat party. Forever. Ladies, if you can make it through his jumbled British ramblings you’ve got it made. Fellas, yeah… good luck with that crazy train.

Mostly C’s: John Krasinski or Amy Adams

If you have an unnatural ability to talk in a nasal baby voice and can handle endless amounts of pinching, then you’re golden. You and your honey are so cheesy, in fact, that it carries over into most of your daily tasks. No, your boss will never respond to “honey bunches,” no matter how hard you try. You and your honey are so disgustingly cute that you probably belong together so you can go somewhere far away from innocent public ears…and take that stupid stuffed animal with you!

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Jim McElwain introduced as Colorado State football coach

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Dec 122011
Authors: Kevin Lytle

New CSU Athletic Director Jack Graham proclaimed Tuesday a “great day for Colorado State” as he officially named Jim McElwain as the new football coach.

McElwain was introduced at a press conference that was as much of a pep rally as it was a news event.

The marching band played McElwain onto the podium inside the Indoor Practice Facility while cheerleaders, alumni, students and the football team watched on.

The energy of his introduction is the exact thing that McElwain will try to bring to the CSU football team.

And after meeting with the current players before being formally introduced, he has them ready to go.

“We wish we had a game this weekend to get going,” quarterback Garrett Grayson said.

McElwain, Graham and CSU President Tony Frank form a triumvirate that will head what the athletics department has termed “a bold new era” as they try and make football a point of pride and notoriety throughout the nation.

The big plans of Graham and Frank, including the goal of building an on-campus football stadium within five years, is what sold McElwain on the job.

“You want to be associated with those with visions and those that care,” said McElwain, who is currently the offensive coordinator at Alabama. “When I hear them (Frank and Graham) talk and when I hear about their vision and the inclusion of my family in that vision, that’s really important to me.”

McElwain will begin forming his program immediately. His recruiting efforts will go from now until Dec. 19 when there is an NCAA mandated dead period in which no recruiting can occur that lasts until Jan. 3.

While he said that areas like California, Texas and Florida will continue to be points of emphasis, his main goal in recruiting will be to win the state.

“We need to make sure that we keep our own at home,” McElwain said. “We are in Colorado, we need to make sure that every student-athlete that’s viable and able to play at this Division-I level, that we go out and make a commitment to them.”

He already has some connections in the state. While serving as an offensive coordinator at Montana State, he worked with former CSU coach Sonny Lubick at recruiting Colorado.

The two coaches looked at tape together, and whatever players Lubick didn’t want at CSU, he pushed toward McElwain.

As for style of play, Alabama’s offense ranks third in the SEC in scoring at 36 points per game and second in total offense with 433 yards per game running a pro-style offense.

But McElwain said he is willing to adapt and change based on roster, and opponents.

“We threw it all over the park before I got to Alabama,” McElwain said. “I tried to throw it all over the park my first spring there, and when there were some of these SEC guys that were rushing us, I learned we better do some other stuff.”

McElwain, 49, was an all-state quarterback at Sentinel High School in Missoula, Mont., and played college football at Eastern Washington. He previously coached at Montana State, Louisville, Michigan State, Fresno State and spent a season as the quarterbacks coach with the Oakland Raiders.

During his coaching stops he has always worked on the offensive side of the ball.

In the past week he had his named mentioned as a candidate at both Fresno State and Memphis, but took his name out of consideration at both schools.

He said that before taking the job, he talked with Lubick and said it was “probably the most important conversation I had.”

McElwain said he will make sure that Lubick is involved in the program.

He was signed to a five-year contract with a base salary of $1.35 million. He can earn another $150,000 dollars in bonus money. All of the bonuses are tied to graduation rates and keeping a clean program without NCAA violations. None of the bonuses are tied to win totals, Graham said.

Graham, Frank and McElwain all expressed the feeling that they have similar goals for the program.

“I know coach McElwain is going to dream big and work hard,” Graham said. “And I’m absolutely convinced that he is going to deliver excellence on behalf of Colorado State University.”

McElwain stressed that this is a long-term commitment for him. He isn’t looking to jump to a bigger program if he finds success.

He will now meet with the current coaching staff and formulate a schedule for recruiting. In addition to the dead period, recruiting efforts are further complicated by the fact that McElwain will return to Alabama practice on Dec. 23 and will coach through the BCS National Championship game on Jan. 9 against LSU.

For the time being, McElwain will work on assembling his coaching staff and jump-start recruiting efforts.

For the players, they are just excited about the direction the program could go under McElwain.

“We know as a team that we have the talent to do that, now we have someone that can instill that confidence, instill that fire, the things we need to get better,” receiver Thomas Coffman said. “He’s definitely the one to do that.”

Assistant Sports Editor Kevin Lytle can be reached at

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