Yays and Nays 11/29/11

Nov 282011
Authors: Collegian Staff Report

Yay To only two more weeks of classes. We’re almost there CSU, hang on!

Nay To Thanksgiving break ending. And now, with new-found fat rolls and muffin tops, we’re forced to confront our final weeks of academic lunacy.

Yay To the end of the NBA lockout. Hey, maybe the Nuggets will be good this year!

Nay To finals coming up. We’re tired, and huge tests are not what the doctor ordered.

Yay To Tim Tebow. It’s not pretty, but this guy knows how to win, providing a bright light in Colorado’s otherwise dark football landscape. We’re “Tebowing” down here in the newsroom in his honor. However…

Nay To the CSU football team for its seventh straight loss. It looks like we’re headed for another three-win season. Oh well, there’s always next year…

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