Nov 282011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

The Collegian Editorial Board would like to express its deepest regards to the family and friends of Sean McGowan, a CSU freshman who died Monday morning.

To the CSU community, McGowan was a friend, a neighbor and a peer. When we lose one of our own on a college campus, the pain tends to resonate deeper. This is a student who, even if we didn’t know him personally, could have sat in our same classes, passed us walking to class or could have been in our graduating class. McGowan was, like us, at this university to further his knowledge.

It’s during times like these we as a community can come together in support of those who need it. As we have seen before, CSU consists of a group of students and faculty with the compassion to step forward in times of tragedy.

It’s never easy for a newspaper to report on the death of a community member, and this semester with Sascha Franzel and McGowan the Collegian has had to do it two too many times. We as a student newspaper try to bring you the most accurate facts as quickly as we can. Situations like this are handled with the utmost respect possible as we try to bring you the whole story. By reporting the facts we hope to stop harmful rumors from spreading.

And we encourage you to send your support to those who are grieving. You can do this by attending any remembrance ceremonies for McGowan or by sending regards to his loved ones. CSU also offers a variety of counseling services for situations like this.

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