Nov 272011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

As the CSU football team’s season is winding down, many are asking, “Is this it for coach Steve Fairchild?”

While we don’t actually know the answer to this question, we do know that this week is the last chance for Fairchild to prove to the campus that he deserves to keep his job.

This weekend will be the last game of the year, and it holds more weight than usual since it’s the contentious Border War game against Wyoming.

If CSU were to win this game against a team ranked third in the conference, many might be able to forgive Fairchild for the dismal season the Rams have had. But many still would not.

While the Ed-Board would not be heartbroken if he stuck around for another season following a win, we would not agree with the decision to keep him should the Rams lose.

If CSU were to keep Fairchild past another loss, we could expect to see the fan base continue to dwindle as it has during this long seven-game losing streak the Rams are currently in.

It’s been a rough four years, and honestly, if things don’t start getting better, it should be time to let someone else try.

Looking just at the stats, CSU is going to be fighting an uphill battle to win this game. So there had better be a fire under Fairchild to get his players to win this game. Fairchild and CSU need this upset if they are to maintain any faith in the current team.

So, one last time, please prove the naysayers wrong, Steve. Restore a little hope. And maybe even keep your job.

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