Nov 172011
Authors: Lianna Salva

A lot can happen in one night in a small town. The newest play at the Bas Bleu Theater Company — “Almost, Maine” — illustrates this, telling the stories of people who have too big of hearts for a town that isn’t even on the map.

This play introduces the residents of Almost through slices of life set at the same time on the same Friday night. Each segment shows a different couple as they fall in and out of love.

“We’re all working in the same show. It’s an ensemble, but it’s been in bits and pieces,” said Andrew Horsford, who plays Pete, Steve and Dave.

“My favorite parts are the ones I’m not in,” he laughed.

The transitions are scenes themselves as they show the title for each new segment amongthe actors rearranging the set. These transitions were in a ballet style, according to CSU junior theater major Meghan Connor, who plays Ginette, the Waitress, Marci and

Although all the characters are connected with each other in some way, each segment is unique to the characters on the stage.

The stories range from a resident who falls in love with a hiker who shows up camping in his front yard to a story about having hope to start again in a relationship that didn’t work out in the past. There are moments of fate, weakness, strength, pain and illumination for each character.

“My objective as a director wasn’t to be too heavy-handed. I wanted to let the piece breathe, but it’s all about the moments,” said director Dulcie Willis. “In every scene, there’s a moment these characters become vulnerable and show a piece of their heart.”

Wednesday night, Bas Bleu hosted a free showing of the play for students and educators. The play was shown at Poudre High School in February 2010 according to PHS students, senior Michael Cienfuegos-Baca and junior Sienna Wdowik.

Cienfuegos-Baca, who was in the PHS production, explained that there is a difference in how an audience sees high school students and adults acting out these situations concerning love.

“It was easy for high schoolers to connect with the show, but I think both age groups can relate,” Wdowik said.

On opening night this Saturday at 7 p.m., Bas Bleu will also host a reception to celebrate its 20th anniversary, as well as the 20th anniversary of the release of Tom Sutherland, a CSU animal science professor, from being held hostage in Lebanon. Sutherland is a part of the Bas Bleu family as a member of the advisory board. The reception will follow the play.

For tickets to “Almost, Maine” please call (970) 498-8949 or order online at

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What: Bas Bleu Theater Company Presents “Almost, Maine”

When: Nov. 19 – Dec. 30 7:30 p.m. Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, select Wednesdays.

2:30 p.m. on Sundays

Where: Bas Bleu Theater, 401 Pine St.

Cost: $22 Regular, $17 Seniors, $12 Students, $10 Youth, $15 Matinee

For tickets go to

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