Nov 162011
Authors: Erin Nalli

I returned to town from a mountain weekend getaway and instantly noticed that the weather is changing, and it is changing quickly.

Before we know it, winter will hit, and we will all have the
joy of walking through campus and going about our daily activity in sub-zero temperatures.

Outerwear is a crucial piece of every outfit for the slightest chance of survival in Colorado winters, and luckily it is both functional and fashionable.

Peacoats are heavy wool coats, generally with double-breasted fronts that button up. They are great coats to wear with more formal outfits and are more dressy than most winter coats. They come in a variety of lengths and colors. Get a basic, neutral color like black, navy or charcoal in a length that looks best on you. Peacoats are great coats to have on hand as a basic item in case there is a formal event that comes up in the winter.

One of the greatest coats for the winter is a down jacket. I have one that I wear nearly everyday. They are lightweight and keep you extremely warm without the heavy bulk that one might expect from a winter jacket. They also give protection against the wind we regularly deal with in Fort Collins. They also are available in a variety of lengths and colors.

They are extremely useful and functional to have as a casual jacket for the cold winter months. Eddie Bauer is known for their annual line of down coats and provides a great variety of styles for every customer to meet their individual needs.

Take a look at all of the down jackets available from Eddie Bauer.

Both of these coat styles will keep you warm and comfortable in the cold weather season when walking from class to class and around town. Having one of each type will prepare you for any occasion serving as a functional item in the winter. You don’t have to give up style in the winter, though, and good choices of outerwear can help you get there.

Try mixing a few different combinations of scarves with your wool coats that will give you the option to style your outfit depending on your personal tastes. Adding colors of different winter accessories will also help you coordinate your outerwear with any outfit.

Hats that coordinate with your scarves and gloves can also help you put some style in your choice of outerwear and make it your own.

Outerwear is made in neutral colors, as well as bold hues for whatever fits the wearer’s personality. A love for outerwear can develop, and it can become fun to pair different jackets with different outfits, so the colorful availability makes that style option fun and more personal.

You can never go wrong by starting with a basic neutral color of outerwear.

So this winter, stay warm, CSU! And give these different outerwear styles a try.

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