Nov 162011
Authors: Kevin Lytle

All signs point to freshman Garrett Grayson starting for CSU this Saturday against Texas Christian University.

Grayson took all of the first-team repetitions in practice this week, while Pete Thomas watched in sweatpants after spraining his knee in Saturday’s loss to San Diego State University.

CSU coach Steve Fairchild was not willing to rule Thomas out, calling him “day-to-day” after practice Wednesday.

Thomas sounded much less optimistic.

“In my mind I’m still playing this week,” he said.

But what does his body say?

“That might be a different story,” Thomas said.

In steps the backup, a freshman from Vancouver, Wash. who went 6-15 for 26 yards and rushed for a touchdown in his first collegiate game Saturday after replacing Thomas.

Grayson, now getting all of the repetitions in practice, isn’t afraid of being shell-shocked this Saturday.

“I feel comfortable with the way with things are going now,” Grayson said. “To be honest, the first drive last week, I feel like that was the deer in the headlights look, then things started to slow down and calm down for me.”

CSU is playing against the TCU defense, which is one of the most feared in the Mountain West and is ranked second in the conference in total defense.

Despite that, Fairchild said that if Grayson does start, the offense won’t change much other than to run plays that Grayson might run more effectively than Thomas.

“I think he knows what to do,” Fairchild said of Grayson, “but sometimes when things start moving fast, sometimes getting your second and third options on plays or checking in and out of a run, sometimes those things don’t register quite as quick as they need to.”

To prepare for his first career start, Grayson has put more time in the film room than at any point this season and spent a good amount of time after practice throwing to receivers to try to get timing down.

And Thomas has been helping as much as possible in the film room and says he will help as much as possible on game day.

No matter when Thomas does come back, Grayson knows that this is his first audition for the starting job.

“You’ve got to be perfect on what you’re doing, and that’s my expectation: to be perfect out there,” Grayson said. “Like my dad said, this is my time to shine, so hopefully I take it and run with it.”

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About Garrett Grayson

Height: 6’ 2”

Hometown: Vancouver, Wash.

Quick facts: Had nation’s highest completion percentage as a
senior in high school at 73 percent

Uncle Danny Grayson was All-American linebacker at Washington State and was selected by Pittsburgh Steelers in NFL Draft

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