Nov 152011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

In the Plaza Tuesday, ASCSU representatives put in a solid effort to garner student input during “Gripe to the Government.” They tried their best to make students stop and care –– they even offered free hot chocolate.

But despite the high-traffic location and delicious drinks, only 200 students, or less than 1 percent of the entire student population, actually stopped to give their opinion on important university happenings (like tuition increases).

Since this was ASCSU’s first year putting on the event, we can’t blame them for the lack of turnout. However, if they really want an accurate gauge of what students want to change about CSU, the numbers are going to need to increase dramatically.

But despite the low turnout, ASCSU is starting something vital with “Gripe to the Government”: They’re beginning a conversation between students and the CSU Board of Governors.

Most students –– or 99 percent, it seems –– don’t care enough about the inner-workings of CSU to voice their opinions about them. Because honestly, we have so much going on in our lives, the transparency of university legislation is the last thing on our minds.

ASCSU seems to be realizing, however, that if we want to begin seeing a change in how our university is functioning and where our money is going, we need to start participating in events like yesterday’s.

Even if we just show up for the hot chocolate, it’ll still be the first step to the pattern of change.

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