Nov 102011
Authors: Bailey Constas

Thursday morning at 10 a.m., spectators gathered around a 17-foot-long I-beam on the Plaza hoping to grab a construction hat and a land a signature on a piece of CSU history.

The signing of the beam event was sponsored by ASAP, the Lory Student Center Governing Board, the director’s office of LSC and the LSC marketing department. The beam will be set into the theatre floor, one of the last beams to be added to the new LSC theatre reconstruction.

“It’s a symbol of student involvement,” said Aaron Brunskil a LSC governing board student employee representative and secretary.

The purpose of all of the signatures was “to put our names in posterity in a semi-permanent fixture and gain a closer sense of involvement with the student center,” Brunskil said.

The first 100 students to sign the beam received construction hats while every student received an “I signed the beam” sticker to prove that they will be immortalized for years to come in the LSC.

“It brings a sense of achievement when you know you were involved in landmarks as such of the theatre renovation,” said Abby Barry, the graphics coordinator with the LSC Marketing Department. “It gives students a place at CSU, and it adds to more memories that they have already had here.”

The motivation behind the event, according to Barry, was to get students excited, involved and aware of the theatre renovation.

“The LSC really prides itself in student involvement,” Barry said. “And we really appreciate the students coming out and participating.”

Student involvement has become a huge part of the renovations in the LSC.

When the LSC theatre was first beginning to be renovated in the Lory Student Center Master Plan 2009-2010, surveys were passed out to students to get input about the general look, back wall and a design committee.

The design incorporates wide versatility in having moving retractable theatre seating so the space can also act as a ballroom. A new balcony around the perimeter will also add for more seating and viewing opportunities.
The $6,000,000 project that began in June 201, not requiring a student fee increase, is set to be complete in June 2012 according to the LSC Theatre Renovation web page.

A guess calculated by counting the amount of signatures in a single square foot on the beam and multiplying it by the length estimated that 4,000 signatures were collected.

“It’s cool to be a part of the student center beam because it’s made for us, and now we’re ingrained into it,” said sophomore Kelli McDonald, an apparel merchandising and marketing major.

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