Nov 092011
Authors: Brandon Barrett

For students who come to Fort Collins to attend CSU and don’t bring a car, there are many traditional and innovative forms of transportation for them to consider.

One of the most commonly used public transportation services is the TransFort bus system. TransFort is the largest public transportation company in Fort Collins with 18 routes.

“We provide service in basically a 360 [degree] around the Colorado State campus,” said spokesperson Kurt Ravenschlag. “Routes are primarily to the west of campus because that’s where most students attending Colorado State University live.”

On average, TransFort serves 4,700 students daily and also has multiple partners that can help students travel in more areas of Colorado than just Fort Collins.

“Depending on where a student is going, they can access our Flex route,” Ravenschlag said. “Flex operates out of the downtown transit center, which goes along College (Avenue) and provides service to Loveland and Longmont.”

In addition to being an easy way to get around Fort Collins, or even Colorado, TransFort is also a cheaper form of transportation. According to AAA, the average monthly cost to drive a car is about $600, while a full-time student at CSU can access a bus route for free.

TransFort also performs well in severe weather conditions, providing bus service even when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

“We do have a severe weather plan that can provide support to all of our customers,” Ravenschlag said. “We do updates through Twitter and other social media sites updating our customers about conditions and making sure not to leave them out in the cold.”

If you’re not into riding the bus, biking is another popular way to get around campus with roughly 15,000 bicyclists in the community.

“Riding a bicycle helps to calm and clear my busy mind in the mornings,” said junior engineering major Ryan Smith. “Not to mention that biking is twice as fast as walking.”

CSU is one of 32 universities in the United States to be named as bike friendly. Also, the city of Fort Collins has been named a bike-friendly community since 2003.

Longboarding and skateboarding are also forms of transportation that are prominent on campus.

“It’s a fun means of transportation. Longboards are also easier to stow away than say, a bicycle,” said sophomore agricultural science major Nick Kahrs.

For many CSU students, longboarding and skate boarding make getting around easier as well as providing an enjoyable mode of transportation.

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