Nov 082011
Authors: Erik Carman

From pizzas to ski passes, companies around Fort Collins and Colorado are offering big deals for broke students.

Boettcher Concert Hall, the center for Denver’s symphony orchestra, has taken up the cause of the poor student’s plight. Students who show up the day of a show can receive a ticket for just $10, that’s $58-$77 off the standard price.

“We try to promote education of the symphony to younger audiences to get them involved,” said Rob Halgren, a patron sales associate at the Boettcher Concert Hall.

Halgren said they generally sell between 30-50 student tickets at each show.

But perhaps a more popular destination for college students this upcoming season can be found just over the hill.

One of Colorado’s oldest ski resorts, Winter Park, offers a college student season pass for $120 less than the comparable season pass.

“We understand that college students are on a tight budget,” said Mistalynn Lee, the resort’s communications manager. “We want to cater to them so that they can enjoy Winterpark, Copper and Steamboat.”

But according to Kelly Martin, an assistant professor of marketing, companies usually have more than one motive for targeting college students.

“Part of what we talk about in marketing is the lifetime value of the customer,” Martin said

Martin said many companies try to target college students in an effort to foster a long-term business relationship. This is especially true for companies with a college educated client base.

But Martin did add that many of these companies genuinely want students to be able to “enjoy and participate in their services.”

For Jason Hammer, the owner of a Black Jack Pizza in Fort Collins, this is nothing new: Blackjack has been offering student discounts since 1985.

“We’re just trying to help them [students] out.” Hammer said. “We drop the price down for them”

By showing their student ID’s, students can receive up to 40 percent off of items in Fort Collins, Boulder and Greeley.

BlackJack isn’t alone. Various restaurants around Fort Collins will drop their price at the sight of a CSU ID.

Jerome Oddo, director of sales and marketing at the Hilton in Fort Collins, said they offer $7 lunches for CSU students because they’re “trying to market to the student budget.”

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  • Presenting a Student ID at various places around town will knock some digits off your bill
  • At BlackJack pizza, students can save up to 40 percent
    The Hilton hotel offers a special menu for those in college, everything is $7
  • Students visiting Denver can receive big discounts at certain venues, such as the Boettcher Concert Hall
  • Ski resorts are slashing prices in half for college students seeking season passes
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