Nov 072011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Everyone should be following the GOP presidential nomination race. It’s like an episode of “Jersey Shore,” but with much slimier people.

On the show Monday, a Chicago woman named Sharon Bialek accused Herman Cain, who is most famous for running Godfather’s Pizza, of “sexually inappropriate” behavior. If anyone is keeping record, she is the fourth person to bring accusations of this kind.

We still have a full year of the drama, the twists, the backstabbing and mud slinging that will be the 2012 presidential election. And even though it will be a juicy ride, what options will we have on the ballot once the campaign trails have come to the end?

On one side we have the GOP, where a USA Today/Gallup survey showed Cain and Mitt Romney as front-runners Monday. On the Democrat side we have President Obama, who is currently facing 50 percent disapproval.

At the moment it’s not looking like any candidate will have the charisma to ignite voters like Obama did in 2008. In that election, 66 percent of voters younger than 30 years old voted Democrat, the Pew Research Center said. The last presidential election also brought a higher turnout of voters in our age group.

So with Obama’s support dwindling and the potential Republican candidate race looking like reality television, will our youth vote be there in a year?

One thing is for certain, we need to keep watching in the next year and stay informed to choose the best possible leader for our country.

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