Eight Fall Date Ideas

Nov 072011
Authors: Hannah Woolums

As a new season falls upon us, the weather begins to change, the leaves fall off of trees and the nights become longer. Normally spring time is thought of the time of romance, but the beauty of fall still offers the opportunity for new love. To get your fresh love going or to rekindle old relationships, here are nine fall date ideas.

1. Camp out at Horsetooth Reservoir: If the weather stays warm enough enjoy an overnight stay at a beautiful, local site! Grab some gear and enjoy the outdoors. Create a small fire. It’s a good way to spend more time with your special someone, and if it gets cold, it presents the perfect time to have them in your arms.

2. Go Ice Skating: It’s a classic for fall and winter dates or simply having fun, but it never gets old. Ice skating presents an intimate setting with your significant other. What if you can’t skate? Well now’s the time to learn! And, what better way than having that special someone helping you along?

3. Go to a Roller-skating Rink: Not into skating on a chunk of ice? Then try this fun date idea! It offers the same as ice skating, but with a warmer setting.

4. Have coffee at a local shop: Support local businesses and try a new specialty drink at one of several local coffee shops. This quiet yet social setting will give you an opportunity to learn all about your new beau, or catch up with a not so new one!

5. Have a Picnic: It’s a good way to get out into the crisp fall air. Make some easy, portable food and bond over the great outdoors.

6. Go Leaf Pile Jumping: Take advantage of the newly fallen leafs with your sweetheart! See how big you can get a pile of leaves, and then jump into it! Have fun in the fresh, fall air.

7. Have a Movie Marathon: This idea is perfect if it’s too cold to go outside! Curl up on the couch with your special someone and pick a theme. Enjoy an endless night of movies, which will give you plenty to talk about.

8. Make S’mores: Snuggle up to warm fire with your partner and roast delicious desserts. Help each other make the best s’more and have a contest to see who gets the best outcome.

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