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Authors: Sarah Fenton

When news of Sascha Franzel’s death spread throughout campus, the tragedy made its mark on students. Almost two months later, the Chabad Jewish Student Organization will honor Franzel in their annual Shabbat dinner.

“In Judaism we try to stay away from any negative and we try to move to as much light as possible,” said Chabad advisor Rabbi Yerachmiel Gorelik.

As an officer in the Chabad Jewish Student Organization at CSU, Franzel took part in organizing the weekly Shabbat dinners, where rich cultural tradition meets home-cooked kosher meals that give students a unique taste of home.

According to the organization’s Social Chair Michaelk Lichtbach, a senior mechanical engineering Major, Shabbat is an experience that bonds the group together as a family. The meal traditionally kicks off Sabbath observation, and is an important cultural tradition.

“Shabbat is about family. When you share food, it’s kind of like you are becoming part of a family,” Lichtbach said.

This year will be the fifth year that Shabbat 200 takes place on the CSU campus. The organization hopes to attract 200 Jewish attendees from members from the CSU, University of Northern Colorado and Front Range Community College communities including students, staff and faculty.

While the organization’s main focus is to provide a venue in which they can reach out to Jewish students, Lichtbach believes that the event typically attracts community members as well. He expects Shabbat 200 to be a learning experience for the greater Larimer County area.

The Chabad Jewish Student Organization President Siobhan Waitzman believes the event contributes to CSU’s diversity. In its short history at CSU the event’s success hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Winning a SOARS award for “Best New Program,” the event has been growing on the CSU campus ever since.

“Jewish students do not make a large proportion of the CSU community, so it is nice to be able to point out to the Jewish students that they are not alone and have other Jewish students to relate to on that level,” Waitzman said. “Non-Jewish students who may have never met a Jew in their lives have the opportunity to learn about a very important aspect of Jewish life and culture.”

This year attendees can expect a diverse four-course meal and explanations of the culture represented throughout the night. In addition, the event will host guest speaker, Dmitriy Salita, a Jewish welterweight boxing world champion. Salita’s success in the ring and dedication to Judaism has given him a name in the global boxing community.

The event will be held in the Lory Student Center Friday at 7 p.m. in the West Ballroom.

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  • Who: Chabad Jewish Student Organization

  • What: Shabbat Dinner, a free home-cooked, kosher, four-course meal
  • When: Tonight at 7 p.m.
  • Where: Lory Student Center, West Ballroom
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