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Authors: Erin Nalli

Fall is in the air, and it is not only women who have exciting fashions to indulge in. Men have every opportunity to keep up with the seasonal trends. Even small changes in your wardrobe can turn an ensemble into a seasonally appropriate and very fashionable get-up.

Under the ever trustworthy style tab of, Jim Moore gives an exhausted list of the ‘Trends That Matter’ for fall 2011.

After looking through all of the hot trends for men this year, I found that making some style adjustments to pants and shoes alone can transform any man into a fashion-savvy man, or at least make him look like one.

Beginning with the shoes, men’s dress shoes with buckled straps are a new trend. It is more of a British trend as GQ reported, and right now it is significantly expensive to get a pair of monk-strap shoes. They are a new item and the more high-scale designers are making them available more readily. They are a classy and upscale look, and the buckles can modify a more formal outfit into a modern and updated one.

The other popular shoe for this fall are boots: Chelsea boots, to be specific, which are more slim-cut boots that only go up to the ankle. They can be worn in creative ways that have not been seen much in our region yet. Plus, with all of this early snow, who can complain about a boot being trendy and fashionably popular?

Paired with the importance of shoes is the small, but crucial detail of the sock. Sticking to a sock that matches your pants is a no-fail way to go. For the fall and winter though, you can experiment with colored and patterned socks. As stated on the GQ style report, “red always works,” and may be a good place to start of you want to try out the trend, but are not comfortable in finding a way to do so.

The sock is a small detail, but it can add a huge amount of creativity and personalization to any outfit and compliment a well-thought-out pair of shoes. If you are going to wear a pattered sock though, be sure to commit to it. Think about it before slapping any pair of socks with any pair of shoes. If you want to be bold in your look, be ready to make a bold statement.

The last section to the stylish update is the pants, but more specifically the pant leg. Ever tried cuffing the bottom of your pants or tucking them in? This is a great opportunity to show off your bold, fun socks or your new stylish boots. It is easy to do and transforms your look instantly into a modern marvel.

This look works best with heavier leather boots, but try it with different pairings of pants and boots you already have in your closet, and just see what you can come up with. Once again, who can complain about looking stylish while still protecting your pants and shoes from the puddles of slushy snow that are taking over the sidewalks? It is functional and fashionable, and men’s style cannot get much better than that.

Endless starts to endless ideas can be found under “The Fall Trend Report” of the P&B Shops section of the GQ website. Take a look around at what is new and trendy for this season and this year. Take some risks, and put your style out there. Try some new things, and see what works for you.

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