Nov 022011
Authors: Rodger Katz

Tedious are the hours you spend lodged between the efficiency that has become us.

Departed from the shaken prowl eager to fall away from the chaos that in fact only provides for our innocence- you might not understand that….

But you are out there and there is no need to assume we are all aimless and swept up by the deceitful dribble of society I myself I my own this tender family that we are know this and come away from your safe keepings Your pride has and always will forsake us.

Always by the end of the nightfall more equipped to make sense of the rubble that stands cluttered by your feet- the pieces of your lives and mine colliding in the infinite channels that have been carved out the way water falls and digs trails to the river rises upon the sunlight, captured by your necessity- I am only saying
never sorry, never too shattered to drive through these

So grab your favorite garments and be on your way!
be a friend to the speaker, the fallen, the peddler, the prisoner aren’t we all? those subtle shackles subtle burdens that produce the loating of our fevers and forever leave us seeking out that which has been made available

But you scorn the scripture….that’s ok but do not scorn what lives around you, you fear God-the word you do not use that word that’s ok but do not fear the reality of what is happening around you let your children be playful…..

Who says you, yeah hey you, hey mommy come away your boy is an explorer you might not understand that please stop trying to put an end to him please stop feeding him the spoonfuls of the bitter life that has become you it’s ok there is still time for him he doesn’t have to
buy into this world quite yet he doesn’t have to buy into this world the way that you do sanity your hidden plague.

You order your f***ing sandwich…. you sit down your meals sputter you forward-yeah, but your patterns have become boring-your rituals now seem void of the very fight that once filled you and now you seem co tent to simply get up -push your chair in and walk to your frozen car that sits –– forever unaware on the concrete

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