Nov 012011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

The results of Tuesday’s elections solidified something we’ve been wary to admit: not enough college-aged students care enough to vote.

Two of the issues on this year’s ballot that were of particular relevance to students at CSU, Proposition 103 and Question 300, both yielded results we think would have been different if more of us actually made our marks on the ballot.

Proposition 103, which if passed would have raised taxes to help fund higher education, failed last night. And the controversial medical marijuana dispensary ban, Question 300, passed by a fairly tight margin.

While we don’t yet know the specific numbers, it’s safe to say the percentage of young, college-aged voters in Tuesday’s elections was disproportionate to the percentage of young people in Fort Collins.’‘

And with issues as prudent to us as Proposition 103, this year’s ballot was one we should have put actual interest into.

But as disconcerting as it is to see such a lack of student interest, it’s even more so to see our student government, the Associated Students of CSU, not show an endorsement for any of the issues –– and what better issue to have supported than one that would benefit the very institution they govern?

It’s hard to say if it would have made a difference in voter turnout, but we would have liked to see our student government make a public endorsement of their views.

After all, if our student senate doesn’t care enough to take a stance, how are the rest of us expected to?

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