Oct 312011
Authors: Jason Pohl

Students waking up dazed, confused and without transportation had another option to get back to their stranded car last weekend.

And while only a little more than three dozen people used the new RamRide Return program, which gives students a free ride back to their vehicle, program directors are still encouraged.

Kirk Easton, the director of nightly operations for the Associated Students of CSU program, said the weekend went as planned with plenty of student input and involvement.

“It was successful,” he said.

Easton said a lot of the promotion will come as the program grows and people see the advertisements and hear about it from friends.

ASCSU President Eric Berlinberg agreed, saying that a gradual rise in usage is expected throughout the rest of the semester. He urged the objective is to do more than simply increase use among students.

“It is our goal to continue to provide an additional service to CSU students in an effort to keep them safe and have transportation options,” Berlinberg said.

The new program is a spin-off of CSU’s popular RamRide program, where volunteers give students a ride to their home or dorm, free of charge. Since it began, the weekend operation has serviced nearly 150,000 trips from downtown bars and house parties around the city.

And while the original service is popular among students, not everyone is convinced that RamRide Return will share the same success just yet.

Chloe Goodwin, a sophomore animal science major, said she could see how the program would be worth it if it gets enough use, but also added that many people walk to parties and may not need help to their cars.

“If it’s executed right, it could be really good,” she said. “It’s definitely possible. It will grow.”

Berlinberg said the new operation would continue as survey results are analyzed. Once the data is collected, an announcement will be made regarding the potential changes to the program.

Senior Reporter Jason Pohl can be reached at news@collegian.com.

First weekend

  • 37 people driven
  • 13 volunteers
  • Average wait time: three minutes
  • Operates between 8 a.m. and noon.
  • Contact RamRide at (970) 491-3333.
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