Halloween Hunt

Oct 282011
Authors: Hannah Woolums

Every year we see the same costumes, from the sexy police officers and girl scouts, to the generic pumpkins and ghosts, but how about switching it up for once?

This year, some students are trying some new and creative group and individual costume ideas. Heather Cisneros, who graduated CSU last year, is trying to get much more than a few people involved in her a group costume idea: 101, to be exact.

“My friend and I are trying to get 101 people to be Dalmatians,” Ciscernos said. “We wanted a group costume, and said it would be funny if we could get that many people.”

If coordinating with 100 other people is too daunting of a task, try organizing a smaller group to dress up like a box of crayons. Have each of your friends dress up as a different colored crayon and someone dress up as a box. It’s a way to get involved in Halloween with a group of friends, but if you get separated from the group it’s still a fun costume.

Only have a few people? Bring back the Fanta girls, dress like the muses from Disney’s “Hercules” or get some friends together and be a group of minions from the movie “Despicable Me.”

Looking for something that you and your boyfriend or girlfriend can were together? Then revive the popularity of retro television couples such as Fred and Wilma Flintstone or Gilligan and the Skipper.

Looking to go solo? Put a dark spin on a popular girls’ costume. Freshman Mattie Wyckoff decided to bring the demented movie, “Black Swan,” to life.

“[I decided to dress up as Black Swan] because I have been a ballerina my whole life and just thought it would be fun,” Wyckoff said.

For those looking to add humor to Halloween, here are a few fun, individual costume ideas: A giant whoopee cushion, or a Go- Go Girl.

Just remember: keep it simple, fun and cheap. Stretch your holiday dollar at Arc, Goodwill or any other local thrift store.

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