Oct 272011
Authors: Jason Pohl

The fleece coats and earmuffs will almost definitely give way to short skirts and pimp coats.

The quiet evenings of studying in the library will likely be replaced by drinking games and drunken tomfoolery around town.

Whatever your plans are this Halloween, officials are warning students to use good judgment and utilize transit options –– including Ram Ride –– this weekend known as one of the biggest party times of the year in the college world.

According to Rita Davis, a Fort Collins police spokeswoman, the essential thing for college students to know if attending or planning a party is to be responsible and think about the size and noise level.

“Make sure your guest list is appropriate,” Davis said. “We will respond if people call and complain.”

She said despite assumptions, there actually is not a very noticeable difference in crime over Halloween weekend when compared to any other weekend in a college town. Overall, she said police realize it’s a time to go out and have fun.

“We encourage people to drink responsibly,” Davis said. “As long as they do so responsibly, it’s not problematic.”

For those students who down one too many witch’s brews or shotgun that extra pumpkin-spice beer, there are easier ways to get home than stumbling through town until you find the right place.

The university’s well-known Ram Ride program gives students a lift to their dorm, house or apartment at no charge. The program is operated by a fleet of volunteer students willing to carry on that slurred conversation all the way to your doorstep.

However, since the service is likely to be used extensively this weekend, ASCSU President Eric Berlinberg said students should call “earlier than they need the ride” because wait times may exceed one hour.
It will not be operating Monday, the day of Halloween.

“I think Ram Ride is a strong service for students because it has that ‘students helping students’ message that resonates throughout the program,” he said.

A barrage of taxis also patrols the downtown area, and a taxi stand can be found at the intersection of College Avenue and Oak Street.

This weekend also marks the first time RamRide Return will be put to use. Those seeking a ride back to their car on either Saturday or Sunday between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. are encouraged to use this free program in the same way as RamRide by calling (970) 491-3333.

“This service adds to our safety net that Ram Ride is becoming,” Berlinberg said.

He estimated wait times for the new program are expected to be minimal.

Not all students have definite plans yet, but that doesn’t mean it will be a quiet weekend around campus by any means.

Krista Marley, an undeclared freshman, said she is looking forward to the weekend as a relief from the stresses of midterms. She doesn’t have a set plan, but said she might end up at a costume party –– or two.

“It’s gonna be a crazy weekend,” she said.

Senior Reporter Jason Pohl can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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