Oct 262011
Authors: Lena Howland

65 pounds is the largest pumpkin to ever come from the “Something from the Farm” pumpkin patch.

“I’m trying to pick the perfect pumpkin for Halloween,” said Ellie Peters, a 5-year-old from Loveland.

A quarter million pounds of pumpkins were scattered across the six acre patch. This traditional event is carried on by people in any type of shoe.

“We have a lot of high heels out here, we have a lot of farmers out here, we have lots of kids, lots of youth groups, kids groups, schools, a lot of families. It’s just a fun experience,” said Jon Dory, the owner of Something from the Farm.

Getting a little dirty is all apart of the experience.

“We like being on the ground, picking stuff up and being part of it, I think that’s a real satisfier,” Dory said.

The idea of a perfect pumpkin is unique to everyone.

“It has to have at least one side that faces out, that’s smooth to carve well,” said Ryan Strong, a Fort Collins parent.

“Being round and not being green,” said Nicole Peters, a 6-year-old from Loveland.

“It doesn’t have any bugs coming out of it,” said Jordyn Basson, a Loveland High School student.

At the end of the pumpkin picking season, there’s always a few pumpkins left behind.

“Some people come out and cut them up and get the seeds. There are two to three goat farmers that come out and pick up a bunch. And what’s left, if they’re not out here in time, I just use the tractor and disc them in,” Dory said.

It’s a family activity for people of all ages.

“The pumpkin patch is a great family trip. It’s fun to go with your family and hang out with your family, I love it,” Basson said.

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