Oct 262011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

The image of students hoofing it to class in inclement weather is not too unusual for a state characterized by snowfall and cold conditions, but things took a dangerous turn yesterday — something the university should have anticipated and dealt with appropriately.

Northern Colorado received several inches of snow on Tuesday night, leaving trees weighed down and students cautiously walking through the CSU campus. And while the university knew about these unsafe conditions, they did little more than send out an email warning students to avoid walking under trees.

While a good idea in theory, avoiding trees may be easier said than done on a campus where nearly every sidewalk is surrounded by them.

One student was even sent to the hospital after being struck by a falling branch. And while this unfortunate accident was just that — an accident — the university should have recognized the dangers and closed campus before 5 p.m., when most students had already left for the day.

Tony Frank sent out an email to the student body Tuesday, informing CSU about what it takes to close the university.

In his message, Frank mentioned driving conditions and road closures, but didn’t say anything about safety once on the actual campus, which should have been a greater factor in the ultimate decision to stay open. We do understand, however, that while Frank does have a magnificent beard, he doesn’t own a crystal ball.

So, stay safe and be vigilant, Rams. It looks like we may be in for a long winter.

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