Oct 262011

A female CSU junior who was hospitalized this morning after being struck by a falling tree branch at 11 a.m. outside of Braiden Hall.

“CSU cannot release information about her medical condition due to privacy laws,” said CSU Spokesperson Dell Rae Moellenberg.

The day before, CSU President Tony Frank emailed students saying classes would probably not be canceled because of the inclement weather –– despite the possible dangers individuals might face while braving the conditions.

“I anticipate the inevitable calls and emails wondering why we’re not closing campus and why we don’t care about your safety,” it read. “ If the city and county are asking people to stay off the roads, we generally shut down. If the city and county aren’t asking people to stay at home, I usually talk with our folks at CSUPD and (the University Facilities Department) and I typically drive outside city limits before making the decision to close or not.”

University officials later sent out another email to students informing them that the Oval and its Laurel Street entrance are closed to traffic and parking because of downed and falling tree branches. A few hours later, another message was sent cautioning students against walking or parking under trees today because of the snow’s weight burdening their branches.

Check back for more updates on how the weather is affecting the CSU campus.

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